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Mary and the Flying Gangsters

Horsesdaily's "Bossmare" Mary Phelps has travelled the country and the world with her camera and computer covering equestrian events, Documenting the dreams and achievements of many of the world's top athletes, as well as delivering stories of "People With a Passion for Horses" on this website. Established in 1997, Horsesdaily is the oldest website in Equestrian Sport. A longtime member of the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists, Mary has served the equine community since she began her career in 1980.

"Now it's my turn," said Mary. "I always have loved combined driving. When I had the chance to buy a pair of ponies, Classic American Shetlands, Al Capony and Bugsy Maloney in 2012, I just wanted to get a chance to be on the other side of the lens. Then we just kind of took off."

Two more ponies were added to the herd, all the same coloring, Kimba, a mare who had been rescued by The Kentucky Horse Park, then later put up for adoption, and Tony Da Pony, who quickly stepped up to the plate in 2018. Winners of the 2018 US Equestrian Horse of the Year award for Advance Pony Pairs, the ponies have also earned the Horse of the Year title for the Classic American Shetland Breed twice. "But it's not the awards and the ribbons that matter as much as the journey. I have worked with many amazing trainers along the way, and truly enjoyed this sport and the people involved."

In 2019 Mary and The Gangsters will be living and training in the Netherlands with long time friend and mentor Bram Chardon. Follow her adventures in this section, and enjoy the ride.