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Thursday, December 1, 2016

The name Horses Worldwide, and the initials HW in front of multiple world-class sport horse success stories, has become synonymous with quality horse pairings. Whether it be stallions to mares, horses to humans, Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold has an instinct for making great matches. German born Wiederhold began breeding in the USA in 2001, and made history with the 2004 Hanoverian foal Selten HW by Sandro Hit she bred out of her own mare SPS High Princess (Hohenstein/Donnerhall). The young stallion began his career the way all HW foals begin, with proper care, handling and training. Dressage at Devon 2006, was Selten HW first time at a show: He was the Reserve Grand Champion of Dressage at Devon, The USDF Breeders Champion for Colts and Geldings, Champion Winner of his class: 2 year old Colts and Geldings, Best Born in the USA and the High Point Hanoverian! The success continued with Selten HW being called the 2007 Champion stallion of the Oldenburg inspection at Scott Hassler (Hassler Dressage), with the highest score of the day, a whopping 83%. With a 9 for canter, and an 8,5 for his trot. In 2010 he made history being the first horse in the Markel/USEF National Young Horse Championships to win the “Triple Crown” overall Young Horse Champions as a four, five and six-year old. But that is only where his historic moments began.

When Californian Elizabeth Ball sent her horse to Europe for more training and showing, he sold at the Equine Elite Auction 2012. Still in the history books today, Selten HW is the highest priced horse ever at that auction, with Euro 500.000. Sold to Fiona Bigwood, Team member UK and her husband Anders Dahl, Selten HW, the gelding born in Florida continues to add accolades to his record.

Selten HW, HWfarm, 2016 Summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro
Selten HW, bred by HWfarm, qualified and competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

Selten HW continued his journey, being internationally successful in Germany, then the UK and Spain, he was undefeated in the small tour and was regarded as one of the most successful international small tour horses of 2014.

Anders Dahl and Selten HW then qualified and competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, it was just another one of those “OMG, did I really have a part in this amazingness!?” moment for Irene. Irene sat glued to the television each day to watch the pair compete in Rio and it was just spectacular to see them both working together and being such a great team. Just back from the Olympics, Selten HW continued his winning streak and won four consecutive Grand Prix Internationales in the Superflex Big Tour, Grande Semaine de Saumur, France. The victories just keep coming!

Selten HW is just one of the phenomenal horses bred and developed by HWFarms, and just one of the many success stories that get added to their website newsflash page.

With an uncanny eye for horses, knowledge of the oldest and most newest, trendy and/or influential bloodlines, Irene is able to stay on top of the highly discriminating buyers requests and demands. With an established reputation for the services she brings to her clients she has gained the trust and confidence needed in what for many is the largest purchase they will make in a lifetime. “We strive for all horses to be the total package: looks, movement, temperament for the amateur as well as for the professional, super fancy, but easy to ride and successful in their future career."

QuiteFine HW, Rhinelander, Hanoverian, Mare, Horses Worldwide
QuiteFine HW - available via

“There is something close to a HWfarm fan club out there and the numbers keep climbing, “ added Irene. “Many customers have purchased multiple horses and are happy and love every single one of them. The current record is by FOUR to the same person, conveniently purchased sight unseen, most of the HWfarm horses sell just like that: Sight unseen. As one of HWFarm customers wrote in her testimonial, “it’s as easy to buy as on Amazon”.

Once you get past the stress and logistics of it all, there is nothing more rewarding about being a breeder than being able to sit back and watch all of these superstars in action. Hearing about all of the great accomplishments that each and every HW horse makes has made my journey just so much more fun!

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