Saturday, December 6, 2008

GumBits are small, round treats that promote chewing activity in the horse’s mouth and encourage the salivation process. The unique treats help eliminate teeth grinding that can occur during the intense competition and training of high-performance sport horses. Horses love the sweet taste of the all-natural, FDA-approved ingredients; and the product is safe and palatable. GumBits work by helping horses that grind their teeth while under saddle to chew and relax their jaws. The product is loved by trainers of young horses, as well as those who work with competition horses that undergo the pressures of performance.

Shereen Fuqua of Atlanta, Georgia, founded Gambit Atlanta, Inc., in 2005, and through long-term relationships with prominent FEI Judges and international competitors, along with Shereen Fuqua’s national sponsorships with USEF and Olympic trainers Steffen Peters and Courtney King-Dye, GumBits were branded and took off. Fuqua is branching out into other disciplines with her unique product and has her sights set on increasing international distribution. The product is sold solely through retailers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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  • Promotes chewing activity
  • Encourages submission
  • Activates salivation
  • Eliminates teeth grinding
  • All natural ingredients

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