Meinse 439 - KFPS - Friesian

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Horse Specifics

KFPS - Friesian
Birth Year
Heinse 354 Sport/Preferent
Dirk 298 Sport

Meinse 439 was imported to the United States as a four-year-old. He has been successful both as a performance horse and as a breeding stallion.

A Dressage Star
Meinse 439 had incredible success in the dressage ring. He earned more than 20 blue ribbons, multiple championships and high point awards, plus two Great American/USDF Regional Championships.  His agreeable disposition, willingness to work and exceptional dressage talent translated into many victorious rides.

An Exceptional Sire
Meinse’s quality sons and daughters earned him the official Approved on offspring designation in 2012. His early European foal crops are prominent in competitions and continue to excel, and include the Approved stallion Erryt 488.

Other exceptional European Meinse offspring include Elke, who was first place in the Three-Year-Old Mare class at the Central Keuring in 2012, and Freya van de Oostwal, who placed second in the Euro Friesian Cup that same year. Meinse’s son Epke Star was selected for the KFPS Stallion Show.

Meinse’s offspring inherit his athletic ability, exceptional temperament and superb work ethic. Many have gone on to great success with professional and amateurs alike. They are earned keuring championships, high score awards in dressage and ribbons in hand and in harness.

Royal Bloodlines
Meinse is the son of the very popular Iron Spring Farm stallion, Heinse 354, Sport/Preferent. Heinse was a winner through Fourth Level, including a GAIG/USDF Region 1 Championship. He was a three-time Dutch National Champion, and also recognized as a superior harness horse, earning two Dutch driving championships. He returned in his later years to the Netherlands to perform during the celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the KFPS. Meinse’s bloodlines through Heinse include the oldest Friesian motherline in the Netherlands, stam line 122.

Meinse also has impressive blood on his dam side: stam line 150. His dam Femke van Nes is a 1st Premie Star mare. She is a half-sister to the Model mare Hiltsje fan Nes, who is the mother of the approved stallion Dries 421.

Meinse 439 Performance Achievements

  • Dover Medal winner and 2nd Level Champion, 2011
  • 9 wins at 2nd Level with scores as high as 73.72%, 2010
  • GAIG/USDF Region 1 2nd Level Adult Amateur Champion, 67.738%, 2010
  • USDF All Breeds (FHANA) 2nd Level Adult Amateur Champion, 2010
  • USDF Horse of the Year, 2nd Level Adult Amateur, 2nd place, 70.17%, 2010
  • USDF Horse of the Year, 2nd Level, 8th place, 70.17%, 2010
  • 12 wins from Training to 2nd Level, 2009
  • Winning at 1st level with scores as high as 79%, 2009
  • Numerous high point awards, 2009
  • GAIG/USDF Region 1 1st Level Adult Amateur Reserve Champion, 71.32%, 2009
  • GAIG/USDF Region 1 Training Level Adult Amateur Champion, 72%, 2009
  • 1st Place October Pavo KFPS/KNHS Stallion Competition, L level, 69.09%
  • 1st Place November Pavo KFPS/KNHS Stallion Competition, L level, 70.45%

Breeding Highlights

  • Sire of the Approved Stallion Erryt 488
  • 24 Star mares and geldings
  • 3 Crown mares
  • Liberty Z, Star mare, FHANA keuring champion
  • Elke K., 1st Place, 3-Year-Old Mare Class, Central Keuring, Netherlands, 2012
  • Freya, 2nd Place, Euro Friesian Cup, 3-Year-Old Mares, Netherlands, 2012
  • Godiva ISF, 2nd Place, Friesian Class, Dressage at Devon Breed Show, 75.3%, 2012
  • Champion Filly, FHANA Keuring, 2010
  • Numerous other keuring champions

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