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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

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***Update - Ixajo went to his very first show last week (late August 2019) and won all his classes with almost 70%!*** See new video!

Ixajo is a 5-year-old male Lusitano. This horse has a beautiful conformation that not only makes him look good and catch everyone's attention in the ring but also helps him to perform easily under saddle. He has three, very correct gaits and mechanics, he is naturally elastic so you can already tell he won't have physical limitations to perform at the high levels of Dressage. He also has a brain that sets him apart from any horse his age. He is always happy to please, ALWAYS! SAFE SAFE SAFE he is very confident on him self so nothing scares him but at the same point very easy going and uncomplicated. He doesn't, look, spot, get fresh, etc.

Absolutely anyone can ride this horse. Very tolerant to riders mistakes and doesn't get involved if rider is emotionally stressed. He has has a para-dressage rider school him a few times and beginners learning to do posting trot and turns. He is currently schooling about 5 times per week by a professional on building good and strong bases as well as some 2nd level exercises. The ride ability is great, very very comfortable gaits, even elasticity left and right, nice soft mouth. He is FUN!!!!!

He can really go on any direction since he has what it takes to get to the international level as well as the mind to help someone with their confidence. He works in the field, trails, jumps for fun ones a week, etc. Around the barn he is a gentleman like I have never seen before. Any kid could handle him, he is careful and gentle. Clips, treadmill, trailer, vacuum, t/o, etc. His body is in great condition, has good X-rays and will have no problem with a PPE, needs nothing done. Please feel welcome to contact me or come to the barn and meet him.

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Natalia Pena
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Bedford, NY United States
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