Glenhaven Timka - Well Suited for the FEI Pony Division!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Horse Specifics

Registered Welsh-Cob
Birth Year
Powysvalley Trooper York
Minyffordd Principality

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This eye catching large pony will steel your heart. Known around the barn as "Monty" or "the stud muffin" he is my favorite. He spent the 2017 year showing Second level. With wins in the open division at Virginia Summer Dressage, VADA-Ch Isabel Szinay Memorial Dressage show, and the 35th Annual CBLM Championship. As well as finishing in second place at Second level in the CDCTA year end awards. This winter he has been working on improving the half pass, leg yield, shoulder in, haunches in, counter canter and turn on the haunches. His lead changes are green but clean and constantly improving. Ready to go Third level this year. This guy is more then well suited for the FEI pony division. He rides in a KK loose ring with a french link and a drop noseband. Light in the bridle and responsive to the aides. He is a forward thinking ride that likes a rider with confidence. This guy has three correct gaits that cover the ground nicely. We free jumped him in the spring of 2017 and found that he was exceptionally good with his knees. He has been lightly schooled over gymnastics and has done a couple of courses. So yes, he is green over fences but, in the right hands could be amazing. Green pony hunter eligible. Monty also enjoys going out for trail rides. He keeps a nice stall or is just as happy to stand outside. Has been turned out with mares and geldings with zero issues from him.(tends to get picked on). A little bashful at first, this pony has tons of personality and is in your pocket before you know it. Can be a little bit fussy about fly spray but really doesn't do much then move around, gets better as the summer goes on. Good to clip. I find it best to just ground tie and take my time. If you throw the extension cord all around like a mad person he might not like you. I walk onto the horse trailer with him drop the rope and go around to put but bar up. Currently wearing front shoes. Does best if you hold for black smith gets nervous if you cross tie. Easy keeper. 1/2 quart Triple crown lite . no supplements. strong intermediate ride.

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Rachel Parker
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Magic Hat Sport Horses
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