Despierto JF - Top Quality Prix St Georges PRE!

Thursday, March 5, 2020
Despierto JF

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Safe Safe Safe! 10-year-old, 16.1 PRE imported in December from Spain. Prix St Georges with Grand Prix potential!

If your looking for a Spanish horse with a 10 for temperament, this horse is your guy! He has tonnes of controllable power, swing and lift. He’s the most comfortable horse on my list and the most eager to please.

I searched all over Spain for quality movement (hard to find correct clean gaits in Spanish horses no offense sorry), with a super brain (many of them are quite hot), and sound body (many horses lead a tough lifestyle as stallions and don’t get to move much).

We x-rayed him head to toe and all was well and we flew him over, he’s only been with us in the US for a couple of weeks and proving to be everything and so much more of what we thought he’d be. He’s a horse that says how much and how far, loves to go, happy to sit, and the sideways button is right there when you need it! Finding horses that find it easy to go sideways AND find it easy to collect are hard to find. His walk is clean, correct and overtracking without help.

He’d suit anyone from a ambitious junior to a timid amateur to a professional wanting to shine.

He’s shown the PSG in Europe and has come as far as he could with his previous PSG level rider, she’s done a lovely job in creating an eager sportsman with super rideability. Now he’s ready to learn the piaffe, passage, and he’s really close to understanding the mechanics of it.

I hack him everywhere, canter in the fields, ride around the tractors and sprinkles. Not a problem. I’ve taken him to the show grounds, he’s a show off.

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Stephen Hayes
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Perfect Harmony Dressage
Wellington , FL United States
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