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HaygainHaygain began when a group of riding enthusiasts in southern England became concerned about the coughing, nasal discharge, and other respiratory problems they observed in their horses. They suspected that the airborne respirable particles naturally found in forage were the problem. Soaking hay, the centuries-old method of removing these particles, obviously wasn’t effective. The company has grown into a worldwide force, and now a partner with the USEF. 

The feral horse leads a very different life from his domesticated counterpart.  In the wild, a horse typically varies its time among different activities, such as drinking, eating, resting, and socializing. The health and well being of horses depends on a constant access to varied, low-quality forage day and night, as this is the way they have evolved to survive. 

However, in a domestic environment horses spend only about 10% of their time feeding, when high-energy concentrate meals are served.  This feeding schedule, with long periods of food deprivation, does not suit them and often leads to health problems including colic, obesity, gastric ulceration as well as a host of undesirable stereotypical behaviors such as “weaving” and crib-biting. Domestic horses also suffer from respiratory diseases caused by the fungi, dust, and mould in their forage and urine-soaked floors, as well as poor musculoskeletal health because of an unnatural feeding position.

Haygain’s website provides the lates news and innovations in this revolutionary concept in horse health.