HORSE MARKET REAL ESTATE LIFESTYLE KWPN-NA Announces Year-End Awards Programs to Include Combined Driving

Monday, July 16, 2018
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For years, the Royal Dutch Warmblood Association of North America (KWPN-NA) has been renowned for its expansive awards programs for dressage and hunter/jumpers. Now, with assistance from the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), the KWPN-NA has expanded these award programs to recognize Dutch horses competing in combined driving.

The KWPN-NA awards program for driving is two-fold: high-score awards for competitors at individual events, as well as a lucrative year-end recognition program.

For individual CDE events held anywhere in North America, the KWPN-NA office offers beautiful best-score neck sashes and driver medals which competitions may offer for three divisions: Preliminary; Intermediate; and Intermediate II/Advanced/FEI.

Best of all, these awards are provided by the KWPN-NA to events for free: organizers can easily apply using the KWPN-NA’s new and improved online show registration form here.

In order to be eligible, events must be USEF or ADS-recognized; owners/riders must present a copy of their horse’s KWPN papers to the event secretary as proof of breed registration; and a copy of the competition results naming the recipients of the awards must be sent to the KWPN-NA office after the event.

In partnership with the USEF Horse of the Year (HOTY) program, the KWPN-NA will now also offer year-end awards to recognize accomplishments of the KWPN horse in combined driving. Divisional awards for champion through fifth place will be determined at the end of the USEF competition year according to USEF rankings. To be eligible, the horse owner must be a current member of the KWPN-NA (associate memberships are available for as little as $50) and the horse must compete in events licensed by the USEF. For complete year-end award requirements, click here.

“We’re seeing more and more Dutch horses excelling at all levels of combined driving, so we were delighted to present these KWPN-NA awards at the Palm Tree at Little Everglades CDE this year,” said organizer Ellen Ettenger. “It’s an added incentive for competitors, because who doesn’t love receiving beautiful ribbons? Plus, it’s so nice that the KWPN-NA offers these awards to shows for free. I’ll be applying for all of my other shows as well.”

For more information about the KWPN-NA awards programs for combined driving, as well as easily apply for FREE KWPN-NA high-score competition awards to present at your event, visit http://kwpn-na.org/kwpn-na-competition-awards-programs/. Questions? Contact the KWPN-NA office at (859) 225-5331 or drew@kwpn-na.org.