Writing and Translating

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Cindy Sydnor

Accomplished in many aspects, Cindy has been involved with dressage education from a variety of angles. With her European background, she speaks German and Portuguese fluently as well as a little French.

Previously Cindy translated Walter Zettl's book "Dressage in Harmony" from German to English, which was a three-year project. She also translated several pages from Harry Boldt's classic book, "The Dressage Horse," from the German for a young friend who wants to write her college thesis on the differences between the French and German schools of dressage.

Occasionally Cindy writes magazine articles, and has been a contributor to publications including Dressage Today and Hunter and Sport Horse. Though she has not written much in the past year, Cindy says that she has some good ideas for articles that she hopes to complete in the next year.