World Equestrian Games Debriefing

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Jerez, Spain - Jan 20-21 - Representatives of Jerez 2002 WEG Organising Committee and an FEI Delegation met on the 20 and 21 January 2003 for a debriefing meeting in Jerez de la Frontera (ESP).

Jerez 2002 was represented by Mr Antonio Ortiz, General Manager, Ms Begona Merello, Mr Jaime de La Calle, Mrs Pilar Maldonado, while the FEI Delegation was composed by the FEI Treasurer, Mr Guillerme Sarmento, the Secretary General, Mr Bo Helander, Michael Stone and Catrin Norinder.

During the meeting the financial situation of Jerez 2002 was reviewed and further to some cash flow problems it was confirmed by the OC that all outstanding payments would be finalised by the end of February 2003. It was noted that 95% of all sports costs had been covered by the Organising Committee within four months following WEG 2002. The final financial statements shall be released as soon as all accounts are closed. The expenses and income were within budget. The OC and the FEI are pleased to announce that the event took place without loss.

The final report on Jerez 2002 WEG was presented to the FEI: 300’000 visitors in total attended the event. 1048 accreditations were issued for the media. 25 television stations broadcasted a total of some 150 hours of the WEG in around 100 countries. The economical impact for the city of Jerez and for the whole equestrian world has been extremely positive.

It was highlighted that the legacy of the Jerez 2002 WEG was very positive for Spain and in particular for the equestrian world. Both competition venues, Chapin and Garrapilos, would continue to host equestrian events. Since last November Chapin has become the National equestrian training centre for Spain with 50 horses permanently stabled in the installations. It was confirmed that International Jumping events will be organised in May 2003, along with National Dressage competitions.

A foundation “Caballo Andaluz” has been created in Jerez and it will benefit from the site of Garrapilos to promote equestrian competitions by using the existing WEG facilities. Members of the foundation are the Municipality of Jerez, the National Breeding Association (ANCCE), the Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine of Cordoba, the Royal Andalusian Riding School, the Andalusian Equestrian Federation and the Equestrian Tourist Association. (EQUUS). This year’ Spanish National Championships for Driving and Eventing will take place in Garrapilos.

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