Woody Allen Back in Show Business

Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 25, 2009, Harvard, Massachusetts.  Fans of Woody Allen were not the least disappointed by his latest production—that is, fans of the 17’1h Hanoverian World Cup son, Woody Allen, owned and ridden by Jennifer Sirrine.  Woody and Jennifer strutted their stuff at the NEDA Spring Dressage Show to a high score of 64.6% in the Brentina cup qualifying competitions. Exiting the ring to a standing ovation from a crowd of cheering and adoring fans, Woody Allen knew he was back in “show” business.

According to Jennifer, she is thrilled to be riding at the Grand Prix level with her equestrian partner.  “One of my goals after competing with Woody at the Young Riders Championships was to take my riding to the next level – well, to take it to the highest level.  My coach at that time, Dennis Callin, was really encouraging me to compete in the Brentina Cup.  But when he moved to Germany, my mom and I both agreed that I should still continue at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, so I couldn’t follow him there and finish my training.  But I was really lucky to meet Jane Hannigan, who is a superb trainer and expert in the High Performance world of dressage.  I was able to train with her for a summer, and after I graduated I moved to Massachusetts to train with her full time.  Jane has been incredible helping me build on the fundamentals Woody and I learned from Denny and then teaching me – and really accelerating us – to Grand Prix.”

Based on their results at their first show the pair certainly has taken their training to heart.  Jennifer seemed satisfied that she is achieving her goals.  “I really just wanted to ride at Grand Prix on this amazing horse.  He loves to work and he really loves to show.  At this point, for us, I think it’s really about the art.  I wanted our first show to be accurate and correct.  I think our next shows will be about the showmanship.  Woody just loves to show off for his fans. When Woody hears the applause he seems to know it’s for him.”

It seems that Woody Allen also likes to win!  Jennifer and Woody continued their quest and qualifed for the Brentina Cup Nationals at Centerline Events at Westbrook on May 16-17, and Dressage at Saratoga on May 23-24.  For his fans, The Brentina Cup Championships will be held at Gladstone, NJ, June 18-21, 2009.