Wood's Lane Farm Offers Spring Fever Sale on Breedings to Top Elite Stallions

Friday, March 25, 2011
Posted by Elizabeth


Wood's Lane Farm LLC, breeder of high-quality Hanoverians from the finest bloodlines in the Hanoverian studbooks, is offering a "Spring Fever" sale on two of its premier stallions, Regazzoni and Adonis. [#4396 override="Regazzoni" title="Regazzoni"] is a beautiful, Elite Rubinstein I son that has himself produced 13 approved stallions including the 1998 record priced stallion, Riccione. Regazzoni was the overall champion of his Stallion Performance Test, scoring 10's in rideability and disposition, and 9 for his trot, 8.5 for his walk, and 8 for his canter.
[#4397 override="Adonis" title="Adonis"] is a chestnut Elite Hanoverian stallion that has a great temperament, three strong gaits and moves with great expression and self-carriage with a natural ability for piaffe and passage. Imported and trained by Dr. Cesar Parra, he routinely won an placed in FEI classes at prestigious shows across the nation! At his RPSI Inspection, Adonis received a 9 on type and 8 on conformation, an 8 for the canter, and an 8 for overall impression.