Willy Arts and Valeska DG Put to the Test in New Environment at the 2008 World Young Horse Championships in Verden

Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Posted by bossmare

Dutch born Willy Arts was granted permission by the USEF and the organizing committee in Verden to compete Valeska DG for the U.S.A. at the 2008 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses as non U.S.-rider due to the horse being U.S-bred, U.S.-owned, trained in the U. S. and qualified via U.S. competition.

Even though Willy is a veteran in the dressage world, regularly being spotted at breed shows, auctions, stallion licensing and auctions in Europe and the U.S.A., he was a first-timer at the World Championships.

Aboard the Dutch warmblood mare Valeska DG, Arts was the only rider to qualify in the U.S.A. through the USEF/Markel Young Horse Selection Trials by scoring an average of 8.2. Unfortunately, Arts was not able to ride at that level in Europe. Valeska DG was highly impressed by the international show ring and entered her test quite tense. In trot, the mare did not come to full self-carriage. She tensed her back and was only to create good suspension in this movement. In walk, she showed her potential in overtrack but was hurried. Valeska's strongest gait is the canter. She is active from behind, uphill, and has a lovely front leg usage, nicely lifting up the leg and arching it. The flying changes though were difficult because the mare was stressed. The judges scored her 7.20 for trot, 6.50 for walk, 7.70 for canter, 7.00 for submission and 7.50 for general impression. This totaled into a 7.18, which placed them 30th.

Arts and Valeska DG were referred to the 6-year old consolation finals, in which they obtained a similar results of 7.16 and a 24th place. The judges were critical about the trot which needed "more swinging and cadence" and the walk, which was "not relaxed, not ground covering enough," but they especially liked the canter for it was "good in rhythm and uphill." The scores were 7.3 for trot, 6.9 for walk, 7.3 for canter, 6.8 for submission and 7.3 for general impression.

Valeska DG is bred by DG Bar Breeders Ltd and is sired by Krack C out of Polimbria, a ster mare by Farrington. The mare descends from the same line as Tineke Bartels' Olympic mount Barbria as Valeska's great granddam is Ilbria, dam to Barbria.