Who's Who: Ruth Hogan-Poulson

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

It all started when Ruth Hogan, age 5, took her first pony ride in Plainfield, Vermont, sparking her desire to be an equestrian and forever changing the lives of both Kathie Moulton and Jeannette Hogan. Kathie, who led Ruth around on that pony thirty years ago, is her partner in business today. When Jeanette, Ruth's mother, realized her daughter's love for horses, she thought she should know what it was all about and began to take lessons. Growing up actively involved with 4H and Pony Club, Ruth developed a solid background in horsemanship, from galloping bareback through the woods to competing in Regionals for both 4-H and Pony Club

Having trained with some of this country's most respected riders, including Robert Dover and Jane Savoie, Ruth has become a respected figure on the American Dressage Scene. She is currently managing a barn in Florida for Lynda Alicki and James Gilchrist in Wellington. She spends a lot of time putting together Musical Freestyles. has been recently involved in a PBS documentary done by Working Dog Productions. It will focus on the relationship between the horse rider and trainer, and includes Jane Savoie working with Ruth on Soule Believer and Mastermind. The documentary will air on the Nature Channel at a later date.

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