When Planets Align - HWfarm Makes Another Great Match Sight Unseen!

Thursday, August 11, 2016
Posted by Michelle Gerlach

Michelle Gerlach, Forbes HW, HWfarm, Irene Weiderhold

Michelle Gerlach and Forbes HW, the horse she bought sight unseen from HWfarm.

For me, the planets don’t align; signs don’t manifest to guide me; and I definitely don’t believe in love at first sight. That being said, read the following testimonial and know that I am a changed girl! - Irene Wiederhold

Sign #1 - I opened Facebook at an odd time of day for me and Forbes HW was at the very top of my news feed.
Sign #2 - I did something I never do unless I am actively looking for a horse, I watched the video.
Sign #3 - I did yet another thing I never do, I commented on how this special horse was exactly my type.

With that comment, the planetary alignment began. Irene Wiederhold of HWfarm, who is a long time friend of mine, promptly texted me to ask if I was serious. Suddenly, I was. Within just a few days, I had committed to purchase Forbes HW. The entire process was a breeze. If there was a question, Irene was on it. I had pictures, contracts, x-rays, blood work, and shipping information all within minutes of any discussion.

Then, a hiccup. An unfortunate set of circumstances forced me to call Irene to request that Forbes HW stay in Germany a bit longer. Again, with efficiency akin to no other, Irene organized his stay in Germany and his new shipping date. All the while, I received updates that were unsolicited by me (although I wanted them, I didn’t want to be a pest). It was just a kindness from Irene.

Finally, Forbes HW was on a plane. Lucky for me, I live in Florida. I was able to have him shipped to Miami (planets re-aligning here...we were worried it was getting too hot, but we had a little cold snap), and I got to pick him up right out of quarantine.

It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. He marched bravely out of quarantine and stepped right on to my trailer.

Clooney HW, HWfarm

Clooney HW - 2012 Westphalian gelding by Christ avaliable from HWfarm. Click photo for more information

Since his arrival, Forbes HW has been a rock star. He is everything he was promised to be and then some. Lovely gaits...check! Beautiful conformation...check! Comfortable to sit...check! Wonderfully started...check! A gentleman in the barn...check! I am looking forward to further developing my relationship with this wonderful horse. Hopefully, he will follow in the footsteps of his amazing heritage.

I could easily write 50 more pages gushing about my new boy. I’ll probably be able to write 100 pages a year from now! Bottom line, Irene knows her horses and provides exemplary customer service. Looking for a horse? HWfarm has a very well deserved positive reputation with plenty of success stories. Start here...you may very well end here.