What is Required of You as an Insured, When Having Your Horse Gelded?

Monday, October 5, 2020
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This has been coming up a lot more lately - What is required of you as an insured, when you decide to have your stallion gelded?  

BEFORE having your horse gelded, you need to first contact your insurance agent. Even though having your horse gelded is considered "elective" surgery and is not covered under your medical/surgical coverage - you are still required to notify your insurance agent or company.

Photo: A Vet Prepares a Horse for Gelding at the Berlin Animal Clinic (Getty Image)

Depending on the age of the horse, if both testes are fully descended, and that the procedure is done at a surgical facility will determine whether or not the procedure will be approved and if you will be charged any additional fees to extend coverage during and after the procedure. Coverage would be extended to the mortality portion of the policy, as well as the medical/surgical portion if any complications were to arise.

If you do not notify your agent and something happens, then any claim that may arise can and more than likely will be denied.

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