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Friday, January 7, 2011

Jocelyn Wiese - Student/Rider/Trainer
Pam Goodrich
Pam Goodrich
Pam Goodrich

Jocelyn has always been a very focused competitor, even as a Junior rider. She uses that focus in her day to day work as well. She has always wanted the "Bar to be High," a goal that is hard to reach. In that respect, Lamborghini is a good match with her as he is an overachiever and hard worker. Luckily, they are both sensitive, without being emotional. They keep a balance of wanting (to be) the most and the best while being realistic as to their ability to achieve that goal each given day. Jocelyn sees the big picture.

It’s rewarding to see her evolve from being frustrated when she couldn't do or understand something, to being able to take the instruction and evaluate her ability to do it, the horse's response and add each new thing she learns (good and bad) to her store of knowledge.

Being well-rounded in the horse world is a challenge and Jocelyn meets that challenge. She works with the horses, goes to school and keeps up with family and friends. This is probably the hardest thing of all to manage.

Suzanne Rittler, DVM
Jocelyn has been my trainer since we met at Hilltop three years ago, when I took a difficult, green horse there for six months training. She was confident, kind and honest enough to tell me when to throw in the towel with that horse before I was seriously hurt and because she recognized I no longer enjoyed riding. Most trainers won’t do that.

Jocelyn helped me emotionally to leave that horse at a jumper barn, where he showed more aptitude. She helped me find my present horse who suits me perfectly. She figured out what I needed and had the contacts to make the search a positive experience for both the seller and myself. Joc rode my new horse for two months when I had neck surgery for a herniated disc and even took him for his saddle fitting because she was concerned about me riding in a new place right after recovery. She prompted me to enter my first show after my surgery to get me "back in the saddle" so to speak (not asking for anything in return).

She took on the role as my groom, then trainer in the warm up area. On a windy day, she gave me the exact advice that stuck on how to keep his concentration and attention on me. It was the first show I wasn’t nervous. She’s so relaxed, she makes it fun. No one knew who she was - Jocelyn is very humble - no one recognized my “groom” as a rider featured in Dressage Today magazine.

As a small animal veterinarian, I know the bond with the animal is the focus. However, I thought of horses differently, maybe because they’re so expensive or such athletes but Jocelyn really opened my eyes to the true partnership of horse and rider. She treats each horse as a living being and riding as a process.

She explains how wrong signals or correct aids translate to the horse. She breaks down the steps from the horse’s point of view, which helped me to understand. She makes it fun to figure out what the horse is thinking. She also emphasizes the warm up, taking time to do the boring stuff before you ask for more. Once I did, my rides were so much better and consistent.

As an instructor, her youth is not a factor. She already has so many years of training behind her. And while many talented riders focus strictly on their own goals, Jocelyn takes time to help the kids starting out and answers questions anytime. I’ve had a blast the last two years. Jocelyn's been a true inspiration, friend and is an outstanding role model for representing the sport of dressage.

Jocelyn Wiese and her pony Moira
Jocelyn Wiese and her pony Moira
Kim Richmond
I have had the pleasure of knowing Jocelyn and her family since she was a small child. She and I have ridden together since she started riding ponies at a very early age, and have continued to work together with the horses over the years. She now uses my barn as home base when she is New Hampshire. Jocelyn has a very strong work ethic that she demonstrated even as a child. She has always been eager to ride and is very self motivated. Her focus and strong goal orientation, and complete support from her family, have been key in her growth as a rider and have contributed strongly to her success.

Jocelyn currently manages her schedule as a full time student, making preparations to attend law school, and riding with equal focus. She is an outstanding student and her accomplishments as a rider speak for themselves. Jocelyn is modest about her success in both areas. She is a young woman to be admired and is an excellent role model for young riders to look up to.

Jocelyn Wiese and Nabob Zimry
Jocelyn Wiese and Nabob Zimry
Molly Lane
Jocelyn’s mother, Molly Lane is a lifelong equestrian. She was an active member of the United States Pony Club in the 60's and early 70's, achieving her A rating. Jocelyn spent her younger years in pony club, participating in eventing, jumping, games and tetrathalon. She qualified and rode in the USPC National Championships in Lexington, VA in tetrathalon when she was 10! Little did we know that it would be the first of many trips to the Horse Park in Lexington. She outgrew her first pony and was riding a quarter horse mare, DeDe, with dressage training up to first level. Jocelyn spent time with our good friend, Kim Richmond, a very successful Amateur Adult in dressage and started concentrating on dressage at the age of 12.

My husband, Kendall, was totally non-horsey but is Jocelyn's greatest supporter. He’s missed very few competitions and has been the chief video taker from day one. After Jocelyn started, we bought a 75 acre farm so that we could have horses at home. We built an indoor arena and 12 stall barn. Jocelyn's younger sister, Isabel, is now a rider on a great horse that Jocelyn found for her last year. For the moment, jumping is her passion.

I had times when I thought Jocelyn missed a lot of the "normal" things that teenagers did growing up but since the age of 12, she has taken advantage of every opportunity to learn and become a better rider. I never had to tell her that "she needed to ride" or "she needed to do her homework." She’s extremely responsible in taking care of the tasks at hand. I sometimes think she takes life a bit too seriously but that’s just her personality. And when something is funny, she has the most incredible laugh.

I was most impressed with Jocelyn (2009-2010). She started back at college full time and she and Zoomie had just started the Grand Prix. From September until May, when she was fortunate to attend a Conrad Schumacher clinic, she had no instruction, no eyes on the ground. Grand Prix was new to her and to Zoomie but together they made it happen and she showed Grand Prix this past summer and did two CDI's with good success.

At the first Lendon's Youth Dressage Festival, Jocelyn and DeDe won the Seldom Seen trophy for highest scoring rider on a pony. On the trophy is inscribed, "If you can dream it, you can do it." Jocelyn has heeded well to those words.

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