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Sunday, December 5, 2010
Posted by Holly Jacobson

Anna Marek - Dressage Rider/Trainer

Belinday Nairn Wertman
Belinday Nairn Wertman
Belinda Nairn-Wertman

In my experience, I have seen riders with talent, or feel, or intelligence, or the ability to communicate well with people, or work ethic,... but to find all these qualities in one person is unusual. Initially, Anna impressed me the most with her natural feel but I soon realized there was much more to her. Anna is a real thinker. She is intelligent, she thinks things through daily about each individual horse and adjusts her approach accordingly. She knows when to ask for more and she knows when to be patient.

Anna absorbs information like a sponge and her progress is a reflection of that. She has developed from an enthusiastic kid to a seasoned FEI competitor and trainer. Her attitude is beyond her years.... she stays focused, works extremely hard and remains humble.

Anna has taken a difficult young horse and basically on her own, brought him up to Grand Prix level, and will begin competing Grand Prix with him in 2011. She is brave and confident, which are two necessary factors with young horses, and as I stated earlier, she knows when to ask, and when to be patient. She is very capable of riding all types of horses.
She is a confident, happy, energetic rider, as she is a person. An absolutely delightful person in all respects, Anna is the total package and that is rare.

Anne Gribbons
Anna rides with me about every second week when she comes for "Checkups" with her regular trainer Belinda Nairn.
I look for a rider who is ambitious, open minded and has a good sense of where he or she is in life. Anna has a good grasp of reality and is willing to work to get where she wants to be. She diligently practices her exercises between sessions and comes back with smart questions and comments.
Anna has a very effective seat and great upper body strength, and her aids are clear and understandable to the horse. She may need a bit of polish on her overall elegance in the saddle but I see no problem with that, which is preferable to dealing with lack of suppleness, strength or feel. None of these features are a problem for Anna. I see a lot of similarities between Anna and Adrienne Lyle and that is a good thing. We need every one of those young talents and Anna sure has potential to be one of our future dressage stars.

Christy Bellopatrick
“Christy has been one of my biggest fans, pushing me to be the best I can be and letting me show Fi so I could ride another FEI horse.”

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