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Friday, October 23, 2009

Pati Pierucci - FEI Rider, Trainer, Clinician

Nancy Lowey

Pati Pierucci and Nancy Lowey
Pati Pierucci and Nancy Lowey
Pati Pierucci and I have had a professional relationship as well as a friendship for well over one year. She has been one of my coaches and also a helpful trainer for me and my little, not so fancy horse - Peter. We are working at the Grand Prix level and it has been difficult for him. I mention this because Pati has shown us the upmost patience at all times and with her willing, cheerful and knowledgeable attitude both of us have begun to make progress and move off the plateau we had been resting on for so long.

Pati is also a mom and juggles, as so many working moms do, a professional career and the job of mother. I am also a former mom and an educator and I know and feel the importance of that role in life. Pati understands this as well and with all she does- her family is a well taken care of priority for her. This is important to me.  Pati is professional in all she does. Her appearance is neat and tidy. Her work ethic is solid. She is flexible and willing to accommodate but best of all she is a forgiving trainer and coach. Mistakes by the rider are handled with a positive and supportive demeanor which encourages the rider to want to try again. This demeanor develops the desire to please her with one's steady progress and not out of fear but respect for her.

I enjoy time spent with Pati and horses. She loves them as I do and it creates a special and caring bond between us. Pati has a keen sense of humor and a motherly spirit about her. When you are with Pati you feel your spirit is 'taken care of'- that you can lean on her (she lets you!) and sometimes in this sport that is just what you need to get back up-emotionally and physically.  

Tigger Montague
Peter Pierucci and Tigger Montague
Peter Pierucci and Tigger Montague
Pati and I first met in 1990 at Fox Leigh Farm in Venice during the Florida season.    We have been friends ever since.   We competed against each other at Prix St George and Intermediaire 1 in the late 1990's through the early 2000's. That's when I nicknamed her The Pirouette Savant: her horses could pirouette on a dime.

I started working with Pati when she moved back to Virginia in 2008. I love training with her because she gets me out of my comfort zone, encourages me to ask for more, expect more.    She also plainly loves the horses, all horses, loves their nature and spirit and individuality. She trains based upon the individual parameters and gifts of each horse within the framework of the training scale. The result is the horses are inspired by her, and she in turn is inspired by them.

Kathy Rowse
Katy Rowse
Katy Rowse
Patti has been helping me with my 8 year old Swedish gelding and giving clinics at my farm since she moved back to Virginia.    I love her classical training and focus on the basis.    Patti is masterful at making little adjustments in the rider that make a tremendous difference in communication to the horse.
Patti's positive and enthusiastic instruction always follows the training scale.   In her clinics at my farm, she breaks down difficult concepts so that everyone can understand them.  My students come away from lessons with a clear understanding of how their position and aids affects their horse.

I have 3 students who have purchased horses through Patti in the past year.  Every horse is just as she represented them and she did a great job of matching the riders and horses. Patti has been a wonderful addition to my program at Silverleaf Farm!

Carter Bass

Carter Bass
Carter Bass
I've known Pati for nearly twenty years and have kept up with her journey throughout the years. She had no children when I met her and I have to say, that is one of her greatest achievements. She and her husband Peter have managed to create three of the nicest kids you'd ever want to know! Aside from raising the children she has turned into a very successful and talented rider and trainer. I knew she had relocated to Michigan and Florida when she worked for Hampton Green so I could only keep up with her from afar but knew she was doing well.

When the time came for her to change course it was our luck that she found her way back to Virginia, much less five miles from my farm! I was getting help sporadically from clinics with my FEI horse but needed more consistency, she was the answer to my needs! I was in the process of trying to finish my horse to Grand Prix and she really fit the bill. With her extensive experience training piaffe and passage, riding the Spanish horses which had such talent for it, she could really help me. I hadn't ridden these movements since my first dressage horse in the 1980's so though it's sort of like a bike, it does come back but it's a tad bit harder.

I spent last winter training with Pati and it proved invaluable. Having someone with her amount of knowledge and feel and being so unselfish with her time was a Godsend. My one tempi's were the last thing to come but her patience paid off and with her help Gossamer and I came out in the Spring for one show at Intermediare II and then on to Grand Prix and in three shows I earned the scores I needed to apply for my "S" judges license, (which I was just approved for) and received my USDF Gold Medal! She was as driven as I was and wanted it just as badly for me, a great attribute of hers, she takes your successes very personally. She also dearly loves the horses, maybe a little to a fault, there's lots of horse kisses.

Though I do have a warning to anyone who decides to train with her, she will take ownership of your horse, you can't stop it! She tells everyone who they belong to AND she still even let's you pay the bills! Oh well, now Ozzie has two moms! I can not thank her enough for her interest, time and undying devotion to me reaching my dreams

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