What No Live Streaming? How Can This Be Possible in 2015?

Sunday, July 12, 2015
Posted by Diana DeRosa


Credentialed still photographers are required to sign away rights not to shoot any video in the venue at the Pan American Games. Rumor has it that even if media is seen shooting video even on a phone, credentials will be taken away. The spectators are allowed to do that, but not the press. So in fact, it could be the public attending, parents, family, grooms with I Phones and I Pads that will be the ones preserve the magic moments in motion from this dressage at the Pan American Games.

In this day an age, it is just unthinkable to believe that what is one of the most important competitions in our sport, the riders, fans, family and public will never be able to see or preserve for training, judges reviews, because the rights are owned by Canadian Television , who literally have the rights to control the event not to be recorded. The are advertising full coverage of the Pan American Games, but none of the Dressage is being recorded except by family, friends, grooms, and the public.

So we hope that the images allowed to capture will help to preserve the memories and moments which mean so much to so many.