What To Know About Shipping Your Horse Over-Seas

Monday, July 31, 2017
Posted by Tracey Scharf


More and more horse buyers are purchasing horses from other countries or after finding their perfect horse in the states, they are shipping the horse over-seas for training and showing. When traveling outside the US or Canada to look for your perfect horse, you should contact your Insurance agent prior to departing. Although some countries have very good pre-purchase exam forms, others do not. Contact your agent and have them forward you a copy of the vet exam to take with you. That will make it easier on everyone. All horses going out of the US or coming in, must have a recent pre-purchase exam done (dated less than 30 days old), regardless of age or value. Many clients that are shipping horses over-seas, or after purchasing their dream horse, and are planning on leaving the horse in training for an undetermined length of time, are surprised how competitive Markels' rates are for horses staying out of the country.

For all horses going over-seas, you simply add 1% to the normal rate. So for example Markels' Dressage rate for horses 91 days to 15 years old is 3%. This same horses rate for being outside of the US or Canada will be 4%. This will cover the horse for full Mortality & Theft. You can also add one of our Medical/Surgical plans to the policy in case the horse becomes sick or injured during his travels and stay abroad. I am often asked how a claim is handled outside of the US? The same as with a horse here in the states. Any health issues should be reported immediately to Markels' claims department. You the client are responsible for any payments to the vet, and then you, the client will be reimbursed by Markel for all covered expenses up to your plans limits.

If you have purchased your dream horse, and are planning on shipping him/her back to the states, the rate to ship the horse one-way to the US/Canada is .5%.

I am often asked about Permanent Disability/Loss of Use coverage for horses over-seas. Markel does not provide this coverage for horses outside of the US/Canada, HOWEVER upon entering the US/Canada and being cleared from Quarantine this coverage can be added. You will need a recent vet exam and also radio-graphs must be taken.

Please note the rates stated above are for horses shipping in and out of Western Europe. If your horse is coming from another country, please contact us to discuss further, as each case it looked at on an individual bases, and a different rate may apply.

If you have further questions about Insuring your new equine partner, please give me Mary Phelps and Tracey Scharf a call 800-572-3286 or send an e-mail to insurance@horsesdaily.comto discuss all your equine insurance needs: Farm, Liability, Mortality, Major Medical.