What It Takes To Ride A Good Test - Trilogy Pro Tip with Debbie McDonald

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Posted by Debbie McDonald


Debbie McDonald and Brentina
Debbie McDonald and Brentina
Here are a few tips to keep you sharp in the arena. First of all, it starts at home in your training. It is always recommended to be riding at least one level above what you show. Having good geometry is essential. You better know where your 20-meter circle is supposed to be and where your touch points are in the circle. Has anyone ever told you how many meters between each letter? If not, it is 6 meters from the corner to the first letter and then 12 meters between the other letters. For instance, if you were doing a training level test and it calls for a 20 meter circle at C, then you need to make sure that you go two meters past the second letter on centerline, which would be past I.
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Accuracy is a big part of the lower levels. This is something everyone can do. There is no reason to be throwing away points when it comes to riding for accuracy.

As a rider, it is up to you to know your horse well.  If you know that the horse is a little crazy when you get to a new place, plan time to get your horse well acquainted with the new venue. 

Debbie Witty of trilogy Saddles with Debbie McDonald
Debbie Witty of trilogy Saddles with Debbie McDonald
Go through the test in your mind before your ride, so there will be no reason to have a reader. It is your job to know that test. But, if you are new to showing and think it is good to have a reader, just in case, you should still know your test. I have seen riders go off course with a reader almost as often as without.

Ride through your test at home, video tape it and then judge it for yourself. Be picky, watch for transitions and accuracy, just like if you were the judge. You should be pretty hard on yourself; that is what it takes to keep getting better.

Have some fun but be very prepared before you go out to show. Judges love to watch the riders show off what they know - instead of showing what they don’t!

Good Luck! And make sure to have some fun!!!
Debbie McDonald