What Does Your Commercial Equine Insurance Give You?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nightmares or Sweet Dreams
Compliments of The American Quarter Horse Journal
May 2004 Edition, Pages 53-57

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How long has it been since you evaluated your commercial equine insurance coverage? Having adequate insurance for your horse business is vital, especially in today’s litigious environment. Follow the links for a 12 page tour on the following subjects. Read more....

Basic Insurance Types

Denial of Coverage
Every insurance company has publicly established guidelines it follows in deciding what it will and will not insure, called underwriting guidelines. They are based on the amount of risk an insurance company is able to take financially. Read more...
Sudden Increase of Premium
There are a number of reasons a premium can suddenly increase; one reason might be related to the type of insurance company you have. Read more ...
Equine Activity Liability Act Protection
Just because your state has equine activity liability legislation in place doesn’t mean your equine business is protected from liability lawsuits. Read more...
Cheaper Insurance?
Businesses often make the mistake of not buying insurance specifically geared toward their equine operation. Read more...
Insurance Vocabulary
Helpful definitions of insurance terms.

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