Wellness Wednesday - The Value of Nutritional Supplements for Our Horses, Our Dogs and Ourselves!

Thursday, May 10, 2012
Posted by Diana Caparulo


As a newcomer to the equestrian scene I was fully expecting each event to be radically different – this is not the case. The locations are what make the events different. The characters are what give the events the feeling that this is a large family, on the move and part of this nomadic trail are the ‘dogs’. They journey with their owners and equestrian partners from town to town, state to state and often country to country! They range from big dogs, to small dogs to very little dogs and can be found accompanying their ‘troupe’ as they ride triumphantly on minibikes, in front baskets; to the middle seat of large trucks; pacing and guarding flatbeds or literally running alongside horse and rider! For the most part these wonderful animals know their place at these events and behave accordingly; sometimes weighing-in with their opinions on who’s alpha for the day!Knowing the importance of our horses brings us to the subject of our dogs and their part of the equation. Anyone who has owned a dog, knows how these animals become part of the family and their well being is as important as their horses, their children and themselves.

I would like to share with you some of the comments that have been received by YS Nutrition regarding their organic, nutritional supplements that have been defined and refined for the canine kingdom, called Copper’s Choice! 

Copper’s Choice is produced from Nature's Ultimate Super Food-the Mushroom. This formula is a breakthrough in supplemental support for Dogs because it takes a holistic, whole food approach to Canine nutrition.

This proprietary, all-natural, organic blend of various medicinal mushrooms provides multiple health benefits for dogs. The mushrooms are packed with powerful antioxidants that assist in balancing, boosting and building the immune system; having tremendous anti-inflammatory properties. Our formula is unlike any other mushroom-based nutritional supplement.

Valentino Says... "I have been on "Copper's Choice" since the day I came home to Mommy and Daddy's. I love the taste and try to see myself in my puppy dish because I lick it so hard. I think it gives me lots of energy which sometimes gets me in trouble, but I also think I listen and learn better, which earns me lots of treats. Mommy and Daddy give it to me every day so I know it must be good for me." - By Taryn O

Jeannie Malone says “Thanks! Copper’s Choice really works. My old-old doggy is feeling frisky again.”

"Hi, I work for Dacia Peters-Imperato, a client sponsored by your product Equine-D, and she forwarded me your dog version “Copper’s Choice.” After feeding the trial packet to my very sensitive white Doberman, I noticed the coloration of her skin tags and moles changing, along with the transformation of the tumor in her mouth. After two weeks on the mushroom supplement the growth in her mouth turned into dead tissue and fell out! I wanted to share this success story with others in hopes the public can find holistic alternatives for cancer in dogs without surgery. Your product is saving my dogs life, not to mention her energy and stamina levels are back up. Dacia thought I should inquire about sponsorship on my dog since it's such a rapid and clear success story and in a struggling equestrian. Thank you for your time, I will try to attach an image of my dog Pennylane with her progress." :)

Emory IV
Emory IV
Emory IV Says... "I'm therapy dog Emory IV and I started to develop a mild case of hip dysplasia and was starting to sit in an odd posture. I started on "Copper's Choice" soon to be released "Gordon's Formula" and wow, within just a few weeks, I was acting and seemed to be back to normal. I started sitting properly again and I can only conclude that my hip is no longer bothering me because of "Gordon's Formula"! I would have to say it is a must for any of my friend’s daily regimen and I am so thankful to have found it." - By Debbie M

Remember, when it comes to nutrition for your dog – Copper’s Choice is the only answer!!

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