Wellness Wednesday - Premium Mushroom Supplements Help Dissolve Sarcoids

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Posted by Diana Caparulo


This week's Wellness Wednesday is brought to you by YS Nutrition. As we know so well, dogs, horses and humans all suffer from various illnesses and ailments and sometimes require treatment. It is also a known fact that some of the traditional remedies and prescriptions are ineffective. It is in these moments of desperation that we start to talk to as many people as possible, seeking alternative solutions. Who would have thought that the lowly old “mushroom” could offer such a gentle and magical reprieve from certain diseases. I came to visit Dacia Peters-Imperato at Stepping Stone Farms at Galway Downs in Temecula, California, in an effort to learn more about the efficacy of mushrooms.

One of Dacia’s loyal sponsors is Keith Manfred, whose company YS Nutrition is responsible for the production of Copper’s Choice for Dogs, Equine D for Horses and D-Traum for humans. These products are mushroom based and I was interested to find out what changes, if any, she has witnessed for her dogs, her horses and her personal well-being. She was emphatic and stated, “they are phenomenal, in a couple of ways. Copper’s Choice (a nutritional supplement) has helped several of our dogs with tumors. We sprinkle some of the mushroom powder onto their food daily. The tumors have dried up and sloughed off as a result of the mushrooms.”  Dacia continues to tell me “I also have Horses with sarcoids that have drastically dried up, sloughed off and mended, as a result of the Equine D and on a visual level...keeping the horses systematic and balanced.”

As a four year old child, Dacia Peters remembers hanging over the rail watching her mother ride a horse. Dacia stood obsessed and drooling with desire! Her wish came true when Mom gave up her riding so as to be able to afford Dacia the privilege of a horse and riding lessons. Dacia started riding lessons with Betty Burke - “we still work together,” she says triumphantly. “I always knew that my career would involve horses.”

After attending college and pursuing Equine Sciences and Media...she considered becoming a veterinarian until she realized that the Interns never got to ride because they were too busy treating other people’s horses. She feels that horses have given her a balance and greater understanding of life - how to have relationships; how to give, forgive and work together. 

Briefly, Dacia grew up in Redondo Beach, Rolling Hills and learned the English and Western disciplines of riding. She spent several years on the east coast before she and her husband moved to La Cresta, Murrieta, California. She and husband, Mario Imperato, also an accomplished Equestrian, found themselves using the facilities at Galway Downs in Temecula. However, the commute between Murrieta and Temecula, proved to be difficult, tedious and time consuming due to traffic and congestion. This is when Robert Kellerhouse invited Dacia and Mario a permanent stable at the Galway equine facility. It was an important decision as Galway had reliable cell phone service; allowing Dacia to stay in touch with scheduling changes for her student riders. She realized that a lack of communication and follow-through would affect her business at Stepping Stone Farms.

Dacia, as Owner and Head Trainer is accomplished in the field of hunter and jumper horse training. She is able to take her beginner and novice riders up to the competitive level. Show Jumping, Equitation and Dressage are her forte. A Show Barn, Competition Training Arena and a successful Breeding and Training Program can all be found under the roof of Stepping Stone Farms, at Galway Downs. Not resting at that, Dacia has a stable of hunter, show jumper, dressage warmblood horses and ponies for sale. Her international connections enable her to purchase, import and lease from a great selection of warmbloods, thoroughbreds and sport ponies, worldwide. The management of the business and accounts falls to Dacia with help for graphic design and photography from her talented son. It’s all in the family!

Everyone who comes into the fold of Stepping Stone Farm to learn about horses will be successful because everyone works together to support and encourage one another to achieve their goals. “We have great camaraderie and the right connection of horse to rider and visa versa can only lead to a repaired psyche!  It is my intention to partner and connect students and clients and horses whether their needs are emotional or physical,” states Dacia.

“Not surprisingly, money can play a large part in the life of a rider and some of the most passionate, talented riders may not have the means to be successful and reach their goals. On the other hand, those that do have the financial backing tend to want to ride for pleasure,” says Dacia. There is a crossroads in this industry when people want to become famous riders. “They trade-up and go through horses, like upgrading software – they become very competitive. The sacrifices needed to succeed often discount horses that simply need a little more time. We like to see them through on a personal journey,” says Dacia compassionately. These beloved animals are beyond a passion, they are incorporated into the family and woven into the fabric of the day.”

I pose the question, “Why do you prefer to have a ‘stallion in standing at stud’ rather than ordering frozen semen?” I could feel her smile as she answered me.  Instead of bringing home a gelding, which was her intention when she travelled to Germany, Dacia fell in love with a magnificent stallion, which she co-owns.  “He is an incredible partner and performance horse and in order to pay his expenses, we share him, one sperm at a time. We cannot sell him, he is an inspiration to my husband and I - a Cinderella story,” she says emotionally. 

It is a joy to listen to Dacia relate stories of her student riders and horses – how their lives become ‘one’. It is a feeding frenzy of positive emotion and energy – it is no wonder she is so successful and well known in the equine business community. I was thrilled to converse with this bubbly, balanced, intelligent, energetic, gutsy, forthright and above all, compassionate business equestrian woman. Last month Dacia presented to her Peters-Imperato family a new baby girl. We congratulate them and wish them much fun and joy!

YS Nutrition’s Copper’s Choice (for dogs), Equine-D (for horses) and D-Traum (for humans) is a breakthrough in nutritional support because it takes a whole food holistic approach. Nature’s Ultimate Super Food – the mushroom, is a proprietary, all-natural, organic blend of various medicinal mushrooms that provides multiple health benefits for dogs, horses and humans. Unlike other mushroom-based nutritional supplements, YS Nutrition is a Natural Whole Food Supplement Packed Full of Antioxidants & ProBiotics and is naturally enriched with vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol) to ensure optimal absorption and effect.  It is by adding these “Premium Mushroom Supplements” to our animals diets, that we have witnessed such a marked change in their conditions-specifically in dissolving Sarcoids!”