Wellness Wednesday - The Many Helpful Effects of YS Nutrition’s Mushroom Powder

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
Posted by Keith Manfred, YS Nutrition



Oct 30th, after two days the blistering is almost all gone.
Oct 30th, after two days the blistering is almost all gone.

This week's Wellness Wednesday is brought to you by YS Nutrition! We have many testimonials on the great effects our clients have received from our mushroom products for them, their horses and dogs. I usually hesitate to tell the many benefits I have received from our products because it seems to be too self serving. So that being said, here is one that I experienced over the last couple weeks with pictures to validate the case. Mary Phelps has noted how she used her Equine-D in a paste form for a burn she had received while cooking. Well not to out done by Mary, I burned my arm while cooking Sunday breakfast on Oct 28th. I immediately rubbed some mushroom powder on the burn that was blistering right away. OK, so I should stay out of the kitchen. Below are progressive pictures starting two days after the burn. I rubbed the mushroom powder, actually Equine-D, on twice a day morning and evening. They kind of speak for themselves.

We do try and understand why they have such a great effect. Mushrooms power the immune system. The Agricultural Research Service (ARS) funded a recent study demonstrate that medicinal mushrooms help critical cells in the immune system. According to the test results, medicinal mushrooms may increase antiviral production that help protect the body and repair tissue, which boost immunity. Results from the cell culture phase showed the mushrooms helped mature dendritic cells. Mushrooms and immunity is not a new concept. Many studies have verified the link between the two, and their ability to boost the body’s defense against pathogens and known threats to the body.

So my recovery may have been aided because I take our Performance-D every day but the result is nothing short of amazing. So weather it is you, your horse or dog, it is a good idea, No!! A great idea to build your immune system and let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.