Wellness Wednesday - Dr. Eleanor Kellon Joins Uckele Health & Nutrition as Staff Veterinary Specialist

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Uckele Health & Nutrition is delighted to welcome Dr. Eleanor Kellon, the highly esteemed and accomplished Veterinarian, to their team in the role of Staff Veterinary Specialist. CEO Mike Uckele feels this promising collaboration is a very good fit, “Dr. Kellon brings an enormous amount of talent and experience to our team. We have a tremendous amount of respect for the large body of work Dr. Kellon has contributed to the understanding of nutritional science as a best-selling author and as a Veterinary consultant for the Horse Journal, as well as for her work in her own practice. Her analytical skills and ability to identify cause and deliver solutions are truly commendable. Our team is honored to have this opportunity to work so closely with her.”Dr. Kellon looks forward to the partnership with Uckele Health & Nutrition, citing the emphasis they share on a strong, basic nutritional foundation being priority and the quality of ingredients and structure of formulas of premium value. Dr. Kellon says she sums up the partnership with three words, “Integrity, innovation and quality. I have had the pleasure of working and communicating with Mike Uckele on a variety of topics over many years. It's very unusual for a CEO of a company this size to be as involved in the day to day details of how and why their product ingredients work but Mike is an exception to that rule. The focus at Uckele is on effective products. What works, sells. Uckele's devotion to staying abreast with current developments has led to innovative, cutting edge products that have no comparison.”
An established authority in the field of equine nutrition for over 30 years, Dr Kellon has also addressed conditions affecting performance horses and is a valuable resource in the field of applications and nutraceuticals in horses.  An Honors Graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School, Dr. Kellon completed her internship and residency in Large Animal Medicine and Surgery at the renowned University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center. She has had a varied background with horses, from seniors to high performance.

Formerly Veterinary Editor for ‘Horse Journal’ and John Lyons ‘Perfect Horse,’ Dr. Kellon is also owner of Equine Nutritional Solutions. A prolific writer, Dr. Kellon has contributed to both lay and professional publications as an expert on a variety of medical and nutritional topics.
Cynthia Foley, Editor-in-Chief for ‘Horse Journal, worked with Dr. Kellon for more than two decades. In her forward to Dr. Kellon's book Horse Journal Guide to Equine Nutraceuticals and Supplements she wrote: “I’ve known few people who can combine strength, integrity and compassion as gracefully as Eleanor.  Eleanor has an incredible ability to analyze a problem thoroughly and look deeply for cause and solutions. To Eleanor, there is no such thing as a hopeless case.”
The Uckele team anticipates a productive, dynamic collaboration with Dr. Kellon and her expertise in nutritional formulas and educational information. Uckele Health & Nutrition has been a trusted leader in the formulation, development and manufacture of quality nutritional supplements for fifty years. With leading edge experience in nutritional research and science, the Uckele team provides private label and custom manufacturing from concept to shelf, formulating a vast array of high potency, balanced nutritional supplements to support optimal health and performance at the highest level.