Wellington Planning Board Gives Approval for the Global Dressage Festival 'Equestrian Village'

Saturday, January 7, 2012
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"After nearly seven hours of discussion that ran until early Thursday, plans allowing for an equestrian arena, hotel and shops at a key corner of Wellington's Equestrian Preserve head to the Village Council." reported Mitra Malek, The Palm Beach Post. In a meeting with over 200 in attendance which was adjourned at 2AM Thursday morning, the village's planning, zoning and adjustment board in a split vote recommended approval of land-use and zoning changes, along with conditional uses, for 59 acres at the northeast corner of Pierson Road and South Shore Boulevard. Equestrian Sports Partners — in particular Mark Bellissimo, who heads the festival — made a moving case for construction of what his group has pitched as an "Equestrian Village" meant to increase Wellington's profile as a worldwide equestrian destination and be a draw for the everyday person who hasn't had much exposure to equine sports.
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