Welcome Back to White Fences - Tasha

Sunday, February 4, 2007
Posted by bossmare


The folks in south Florida are a resilient bunch. They have survived hurricanes, battles over showground ownership and property control, and the EHV1 virus scare. The reward is tropical climates, gorgeous homes and facilities, and friendships and communities revolving around common passions, horses, and lots and lots of shows. The White Fences community of Loxahatchee is an oasis in the expanding region where construction, shopping centers, and continued growth remain safely on the outside of their security gates.

Located on the back side of the large preserve which hosts Lion Country Safari, one of Florida’s first attractions, we set up our RV Sales of Broward, overlooking the pristine flower decorated dressage arenas, we awaken to the sound of monkeys and lions who live over the hill along the flag draped fencing of the show grounds, the birthplace of the Palm Beach Dressage Derby.

Photo by:friezeframefriesians.com

The season is off to a late but welcome start, and what better way to begin than at the kinder gentler show grounds in the dressage oasis of White Fences. We finally set off on our 2007 PhelpsPhoto Tour, visiting old friends, and introducing our new family member to our world of dressage shows. Tasha fits right in, and even found a new playmate, one of her own kind.

Hosted by Ingred Lin at her historic White Fences Equestrian Center, the Welcome Back to White Fences Show series features “small intimate dressage shows” where classes are limited to eight entries, so everyone goes home with a ribbon. Riders hack to the show grounds from neighboring training facilities, or trailer in for classes. There is wonderful free food all day long, and we topped off the day with our Welcome Back Competitor’s Party featuring a scrumptious menu from Jim and Terry Toomey’s Paradise Café.

Stay tuned for more reports of a few of the top rides of the weekend, and show results soon. Meanwhile Ingred is off to “that football game” in Miami today, we hope she stays dry!