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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jamie Till and Brian O'Connor
Jamie Till and Brian O'Connor

We finally got on the grounds of the Kentucky Horse Park Friday where we checked into the media center, got our lockers, and toured the grounds. We saw the familiar sight we see at many shows we cover….announcer Brian O’Connor running wires for his sound system. In spite of the excitement of the World Equestrian Games, Brian admits he is going through Dressage at Devon withdrawal due to begin September 28. Brian and his partner Jamie Till headed out on their bikes after a days work. They will be managing worldequestrianradio.com, headset commentary for Dressage, Eventing, Vaulting, Reining, Driving and Para. I already ordered mine for the weg2010store.com but Brian assures me there will be plenty available at all corners of the stadium seating. Kathy Connelly with be the commentator for the Dressage, which begins Monday with the first part of Team Dressage.

Brian will be sharing his inside overview from the tower..... And here is the first entry to Brian's Blog!

Well here from KY and the WEG 2010 Games...the first thing that hits you is the heat...93-96 for the last four days. The next thing that hits you is ...the heat. Did I say this was supposed to be a fall competition? HOT!! and Totilas hasn't even been seen (very much).......we are ready for this to begin. Opening tomorrow night, after the first round of reining .....the practice for the opening seemed to go pretty well except one of the group riders had a fall-off and had to be seen to by the med teams. The music is big and the rock concert stage is HUGE , but will be removed after for the next day's dressage team round 1. We are expecting the dressage to be record setting and the performances to be well,,,,super exciting. I am so ready to announce these top Dutch riders with the horses many of us have not seen live.....this will be a sure shoot out between Totilas, Parzival, and Ravel.....it will be a world setting week,,,,I am sure. I can't wait.

We are starting in the am with the first round of reining...the private radio commentator is Rick Weaver, the President of the NRHA, and he is the nicest and most informative guy. I learned so much from him today at our meeting and sound check....he is going to be wonderful as the expert commentator. I am working with my partner, Jamie Till (you have seen us in the photo on the official transportation of WEG -our bikes) in providing you with the expert commentary you are all used to at Rolex and Devon. World Equestrian Radio is our business name and we hope our work here provides new platforms for our service in the future....we have a super group of experts doing the radio commentary for us:

Kathy Connelly for Dressage
Betsy Steiner and Jean Mitchell (Ireland) for the Three day
and Rick Weaver for Reining.

These are the folks for the first week....I will have more for you as the week progresses. I look forward to my blogging to you (I had a great time in Hong Kong doing it) and I hope you all follow Mary, JJ, her expert reporters , and your announcer on the scene , as we take you inside the Games of the World Championships, brought to you by Alltech.

See you in the ethenet and see you tomorrow,

Brian O'Connor - Speakeasy LTD - PA/Sound Systems

PS Did I tell you it was HOT here so far..the only green grass is on the well watered galloping track of the three day...no lie. In fact (funny too), a foreign groom was caught not only grazing their horse on the track a couple of days ago, but was usings scissors to cut clippings from the grass on the track and putting it into a baggie to take back to the barn for the horse! NO LIE!!