WEF 2015 Lunch and Learn Series Ends with TheraPlate-Sponsored Presentation and Grand Finale Prizes

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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Kay Moss, winner of the TheraPlate Grand Finale Door Prize during the 2015 Winter Equestrian Festival Lunch and Learn series, watches the “Sound Year Round” presentation sponsored by TheraPlate Revolution
Kay Moss, winner of the TheraPlate Grand Finale Door Prize during the 2015 Winter Equestrian Festival Lunch and Learn series, watches the “Sound Year Round” presentation sponsored by TheraPlate Revolution

Wellington, FL - In between exciting show jumping classes, the 2015 Winter Equestrian Festival featured educational presentations called Lunch and Learns each week at the Wellington Club at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. After this year’s festival, attendees of the Lunch and Learn events are more educated than ever on a variety of topics that every horse lover should know about. The Lunch and Learn events educated riders, owners, trainers, and others while also supplying delicious lunches from White Horse Catering. This marks the fifth year for the Lunch and Learn events at the international show series. TheraPlate Revolution sponsored this season’s final Lunch and Learn, which featured U.S. Show Jumping Team Physiotherapist Janus Marquis of Corrales, New Mexico, and TheraPlate Founder and Owner Chip Kreiling of Weatherford, Texas. After the presentation, various door prizes—including a grand prize of a TheraPlate therapy platform— were awarded.

Marquis has served as the official equine physiotherapist for the United States Equestrian Team (USET) through several Olympic Games, Pan American Games, World Equestrian Games, World Cups, and numerous Nations Cups. Her specialty is equine osteopathy (or manual body work). During her presentation titled “Sound Year Round” at the Lunch and Learn, she offered several tips on easy and practical ways for horse owners to help horses who may be in pain or have swelling.

Marquis also discussed the importance of saddle fit and demonstrated how to check if a saddle fits comfortably on the horse’s spine. Another tip included not to hose a horse when he is very hot due to the risk of introducing bacteria into the horse’s body. When a horse is hot, all of his pores are open. Since there are bacteria naturally occurring in water, hosing while all of the pores are open can allow bacteria or fungi into the body and cause an infection. Marquis suggested waiting until the horse has cooled off substantially - which then causes the pores to close - before hosing.

Marquis also discussed several of the techniques she uses with her clients, including stretching and, of course, using a TheraPlate. This then led into Kreiling’s presentation about the TheraPlate products and the science behind them. Kreiling discussed what makes his therapy platforms unique. One great aspect of TheraPlate therapy platforms is that they can be used to relieve pain and promote healing; and at the same time can be used for improving a horse’s fitness level. TheraPlate Revolution’s products have become popular within the equestrian community, as well as for people and canines, for the platforms’ abilities to reduce swelling and induce rapid healing and conditioning using low-frequency vibration.

After Kreiling spoke, season finale door prizes were drawn. Throughout the twelve-week series, attendees of the Lunch and Learn events had the chance to enter to win these impressive prizes. Several people won great products provided by Winter Equestrian Festival sponsors, such as a custom tack trunk from Clever Jumps & Trunks and gift bags full of Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals, Inc. health products. A much-anticipated grand finale door prize was a TheraPlate therapy platform. Attendee Kay Moss was the winner of the TheraPlate, and is excited to bring it back to her barn of six dressage horses.

Besides supporting the 2015 Winter Equestrian Festival, TheraPlate Revolution was also a proud sponsor of the 2015 Adequan Global Dressage Festival. The company presented the TheraPlate Wellness Award during the CDIs at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival to horses that demonstrated excellent fitness. Winners of the TheraPlate Award included Carol Cohen and Abacus, Kathy Priest and Cayman V, Megan Lane and Caravella, Crystal Kroetch and Lymrix, Tuny Page and Alina, and Mary Rollins and Royal Prinz among others.

Based in Weatherford, Texas, TheraPlate Revolution’s inventive rehabilitation and therapy system uses the concept of “dynamic movement.” The system has been shown to increase circulation, bone density, and muscle mass, while reducing swelling and inflammation. Healing occurs faster and pain is reduced as the TheraPlate is used. As more and more horses and humans benefit from the product, the company’s fan base seems to grow as quickly as its therapy platforms can heal.

For more about the next revolution in equine therapy, visit www.theraplate.com, call (800) 920-3685, or email theraplate@gmail.com