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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Want a sure-fire way to improve your horse business in 2010?  Instead of spending several days locked in your office trying to plan a year's worth of business improvement all in one sitting, try this simple but highly effective strategy. When you work with horses there are always (and always will be) a million things to do everyday.  Adding to an already impossible "to do list" tends to create more stress and can actually decrease, rather than increase, productivity. Identify what your business needs to produce in order to meet your financial needs and goals.  Translate these facts into a vision of what that business would "look" like -  i.e. how many clients, what type of horses etc..

Then, instead of creating a giant new "to do list" - Make a pact to progress your business by 1% per day.
It is easy to set great goals for your horse business - but making progress is a different story.  1% may sound insignificant but when you see it in action, it is very powerful. Here's why:
  • 1. We are talking about actual progress - quantifiable forward movement, not just thinking about doing it.
  • 2. It adds up - imagine what your business would look like at the end of  90 days if each day you improved it by 1 percent.
  • 3. And most importantly  Because it's do-able - it gets done.
The most common trap that horse professionals fall into is that  .........MORE