This Week! Isabell Werth Stars on the Dressage Radio Show

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A World Exclusive Interview with German Olympian and Mother-To-Be

Isabell Werth is the featured guest on the Dressage Radio Show this week as she joins Chris Stafford for an exclusive interview.  With just a few short weeks to go before the birth of her first child, Isabell shares with us how she has spent her pregnancy and what she is expecting next month.  Isabell speaks candidly about her current suspension, the recent record-breaking performances in the sport, and also offers her predictions for the World Equestrian Games in 2010.

With all the recent publicity about Isabell being sidelined, it was most gracious of her to spend time with us and share her perspective," said Chris Stafford, Dressage Radio Show Host.  "I'm delighted that she took this opportunity to talk to our audience around the world, many of whom are fans of Isabell and will be eager to know how she is at this time."

Isabell has won no less than eight Olympic medals, seven World Championship medals and fourteen European Championship medals in addition to being German National Champion eight times.  Her incredible career in international competition spans over two decades and includes famous horses, such as Gigolo, Fabienne, Antony FRH; and her current partners, Satchmo and Warum Nicht.

The interview with Isabell will be broadcast, and permanently archived, on the Dressage Radio Show website, presented by Equestrian Life, and syndicated to websites worldwide through Horse Radio Network's Affiliate Partners.  It can also be downloaded as a free podcast on iTunes and Zune.  The Dressage Radio Show website carries all the episodes and the show notes that accompany each episode.

The Dressage Radio Show, which was launched earlier this year, is attracting worldwide attention for its quality interviews and popular features such as Training Tips with co-hosts Debbie McDonald and Lisa Wilcox who join Chris on alternate episodes, as well as news and listeners emails that cover a wide range of topics.