WeatherBeeta Turnout Tip

Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Blanket Strap demo1.jpg

Ever wondered about the correct way to attach the leg straps on your turnout blanket?

Here's how: 
Take the left leg strap, pass it between your horse's hind legs and fasten it to the left D-ring.
Then take the right leg strap, again pass it between the hind legs and through the loop made by the left strap and fasten to the right D-ring.
Adjust the leg straps equally until there is room for the width of one hand (4 to 5 inches) between the leg straps and your horse’s thigh to allow freedom of movement.

The leg straps are linked to prevent rubbing and act with each other to keep the blanket in place.

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Thanks to our showroom model "Sparky" for allowing us to demonstrate.