Weather and Insurance - What You Need to Know

Monday, September 14, 2020
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Currently we have several weather related issues going on in our Country.  It seems like almost daily I am getting updates in regards to these current situations.  Did you know that when there is a weather related issue going on, that new coverage cannot be bound in that area, and changes cannot be made to your current policy.  

There are unique considerations for horses and other livestock during a disaster. Preparing ahead of time and acting quickly are the best ways to keep you and your animals - pets and livestock - out of danger. Protect your whole family when emergencies arise with the proper supplies, veterinary information, animal identification and an evacuation plan that has been practiced. Whether the threat is a hurricane, wildfire or other disaster, lives may depend on being ready.

Here is a great article published by the University of Minnesota, outlining what you should have in place when you own/operate an Equestrian facility; Horse Barn Disaster Planning