We Care For Lori - Share in Her Journey

Saturday, November 13, 2010
Posted by bossmare

Lori Wolgemuth of Graemont Farm in Pennsylvania a longtime respected dressage rider and trainer recently discovered a lump in her breast but was not too concerned when she went to her Doctor to have it checked out. Suspecting a cyst, she went for her appointment alone, but the news was worrisome, and the eventual results turned out to be serious. Married to Steve Wolgemuth also an FEI Dressage trainer and rider the couple have three young sons and manage their successful business buying, selling and training quality horses for American Dressage clients. Steve is also a technical expert whose Digital Agency YDOP.com manages digital strategies for multiple corporate companies. So when faced with the biggest challenge of their lives, the working Wolgemuths have created a website for Lori’s journey wecareforlori.com. Log in, sign up and share your support.