WBFSH 2016 - The Wow-Factor of World Champion Sezuan

Sunday, July 31, 2016
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Sezuan, Longines, World Breeding Dressage Championships, Ermelo

Sezuan proved invincible in the first Longines World Breeding Dressage Championships for seven-year-old horses. (Photo: HippofotoTeam)

Ermelo - He was already a two-fold world champion, and the Danish Warmblood-stallion again proved to be invincible in the first Longines World Breeding Dressage Championships for seven-year-old horses. With this result the Blue Hors Zack-offspring, bred by Linette Jaeger, made history in Ermelo. What an expression and what a power. Dorothee Schneider rode the black pearl of Gestuet Peterhof in a technical masterpiece to the winning score of 89.005%: a hat-trick for the black stallion that received a 10 for perspective by the judges.

 “Wow!”, summarized spokesperson of the judges Mariette Sanders-Gansewinkel the assessment of the jury. “Sezuan has a very energetic, swinging and uphill trot in which he shows a good cadence: a 9.8. The fantastic walk has a beautiful four-beat and also receives a 9.8. The canter is his best gait, with enormous power. But today he was a little tense right before the flying chances, therefore ‘just’ a 9.4. A technical piece of art, but the tension in the changes and the hind legs together in the first pirouette result in a 9.3 for the submission. And the perspective… well, that could only be a 10!” Dorothee Schneider was on cloud nine with her third world championships title: “This is something extraordinary. I want to thank the owners that I can ride him. Sezuan is a sensational horse with three excellent gaits that always wants to work with me in the test and always wants to make me happy. I have been working at Gestüt Peterhof for about 3.5 years now and I think it’s incredible to ride such a horse. The Nurnberger Burg-Pokal is probably also on the planning for next year. Afterwards we will work on the piaffe and passage and prepare for the next step. We take things slow and let Sezuan be a horse. We will see when the time is right and he is ready for the next level.” In addition to the prize money, Dorothee Schneider also received a magnificent watch of Longines. “I would like to thank the sponsor for and compliment the organization on this beautiful world championships. It was amazing, well done!"

The silver medal went to the SWB-gelding Fiorucci HT. Sire Florencio won the 2004 and 2005 World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses. The chestnut that was bred by Absolut Dental AB, was presented impeccably by the pregnant Jeanna Hogberg – she is due of twins this November – and scored 80.253%. The highest grade was for submission, no surprise after the lovely test of the Swedish rider. A fantastic horse to watch: the fluent trot has a beautiful silhouette, in which Fiorucci remained nice contact: 8.7. An 8.5 for the fluent canter with lots of balance. The walk deserves some attention and received a 7.2 because it could show a tad more activity and more consistent length of strides in the collection. However, the 9.2 for submission and 8.8 for perspective brings the total to a great score, enough for silver. “Fantastic, I was already surprised to place third in the qualification and now we even got silver! He is such a nice horse and performs the test with such ease, so I am really happy with this result.”

Stefanie Wolf presented the by Herberth Werth bred Saphira Royal (RHEIN) and obtained the bronze medal. The daughter of San Amour out of a dam by Monteverdi suffered from tension in the qualification, which resulted in a mistake in the canter, but today the bay mare made her comeback. In a focused and harmonious test she showed her quality in the three basis gaits: an 8.4 for the expressive trot, an 8.9 for the walk and an 8 for the canter. The submission was rewarded with a 9 and for the perspective mare of Johan Hinnemann received an 8.7. The average of 78.641% resulted in a place on the podium. “Today I tried to ride her like I normally do. This went well, it is unbelievable that actually won a medal. Simply amazing. Saphira Royal was fantastic and honestly I still cannot believe it.”

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