WBFSH 2016 - Sezuan Grabs Lead with Incredible Scores and Technical Talent at the World Breeding Dressage Championships

Saturday, July 30, 2016


WBFSH Championships, Sezuan, BH Zack, BH Don Schufro, Linette Jæger, FEI/WBFSH is holdi

Sezuan (BH Zack x BH Don Schufro bred by Linette Jæger), is the first horse in history which has an opportunity to become a triple world champion as FEI/WBFSH is holding its first world championships for 7-year-olds this year. (Photo: RIDEHESTEN.com)

Twofold world champion Sezuan succeeded to impress the judges once again this year at the FEI/WBFSH Young Horse Championships. The black son of Blue Hors Zack impressed this morning with his fantastic uphill canter, for which he received a whopping 10. The judges also granted him the ultimate grade for his perspective as a dressage horse. Chairman Dr. Dietrich Plewa: “Sezuan was in top shape today. Of course he possesses lots of talent, great movements and a very good canter by nature. However, today also the technical aspect of his test was perfectly executed, and this is remarkable for a horse of only seven years old. Furthermore, he performed all the figures with lots of expression and without any pressure. That’s exactly what we want to see.” A 9.3 for the trot, an 8.0 for the walk and a 9.5 for the submission brought the score to a magnificent total of 95.200%. The technical score of 81.64% meant an average of 88.420% and caused the black Oldenburg an DWB approved stallion to grab the lead.

Runner-up FBW Fairplay H, a son of the Fürst Hohenstein, saw his quality canter be rewarded with a 9! Plewa: “FBW Fairplay H stood out in the way he executed primarily the canter figures. Everything seemed to go easy and effortless. He was very focused on his rider.” Ines Knoll presented the gelding in a sympathetic manner and with an 8.5 for submission and perspective, an 8.3 for the trot and a 7.8 for the walk, the pair was just ahead of number 3: Jeanna Hogberg with the SWB-horse Fiorucci HT, sired by Florencio I. This gelding also scored well for his trot, perspective and submission: three times an 8.5! His overall score was 77.619%. Plewa: “This pair is 100% on the right track training-wise. This horse is always focused on his rider, wants to do his best and Jeanna rides him with the needed ‘fingerspitzengefühl’: this way she brings out the best in her horse.” The judges were satisfied with the quality of the seven-year-old horses, that are competing at this championship for the first time. “The discrepancies between the horses that are low in the rankings and the top horses was quite big, however especially the top half of the rankings entailed lots of quality.”

The best 12 horses of today may come back in the final on Sunday. In the small final tomorrow, the remaining pairs compete again for the last 3 tickets for the final.

Results of the Interfloor Prize for 7-year-olds Qualifier