Watch the Video! USDF “S” Judge Charlotte Trentleman Wins Big at the 2009 Katydid Combined Driving Event

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Posted by bossmare

Charlotte Trentleman from Anthony Florida competed with her Haflinger mare, Final Deal a.k.a. "Mary", along with her husband, navigator and groom Chris, a real estate attorney in his other life. Trentleman who owns and operates Rebel Ridge Farm trains on a regular basis with Bill Lower is a large “S” Dressage judge has been driving since 1998.

Trentleman has had consistent success with her mare, finishing fourth at The Lexington CDE in October, and fifth at Live Oak in March. But at the Katydid CDE, the pair had one of the few clean cones rounds of the day, holding the lead throughout the entire event. Cones is the final phase of a combined driving event, and the twisting course designed by Barry Hunter produced only 8 double clear rounds in the entire event.