Watch the Video! Trilogy Dressage Owner Deborah Witty Shares Saddle Fitting Tips

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Posted by johnny


Deborah Witty, saddle fitter to top riders and owner of Trilogy Dressage Saddles and Performance Saddlery, recently shared her expertise on saddle fitting at the Ithaca Agway Equine Education Seminar. Witty, who fitted saddles for Debbie McDonald, Courtney King-Dye and Guenter Seidel during their Olympic expeditions, bases her Trilogy and Performance Saddlery out of Ithaca, New York. Witty, a qualified saddle fitter from the Society of Master Saddlers of England, gave a presentation entitled “The Basics of Saddle Fitting.” Witty’s presentation included: samples of proper padding; a bare tree placed on a horses back as an illustration of tree points poking into the horse; too long a saddle on too short a back; proper palpation to evaluate comfort; and a demonstration of check points for the seven points of saddle fitting.

As an expert on saddle fitting, Witty is often called upon to share her knowledge. A video on the Dressage Today website features Witty and international dressage rider Shannon Dueck discussing the seven points of saddle fitting using Dueck’s Oldenburg mare, Ayscha, as a model. ““I think it is very important to educate dressage riders about saddles and proper fitting. If a rider has concerns about how their saddle fits they should contact a professional saddle fitter,” Witty said.

Witty developed her line of Trilogy Saddles after recognizing that there was a need in the market place for a saddle line that addresses more of the horse and riders needs. “It is extremely rewarding to have the opportunity to build and provide horses and their riders with a saddle that generates more comfort, makes the rider more effective and enhances the team’s performance,” Witty said. “Building a saddle is like creating a piece of art. Trilogy Dressage Saddles were designed after listening carefully to extensive feedback from international competitors and pleasure riders.”

For more information on Trilogy Saddles visit their website at www.trilogysaddles.com.