Watch the Video - Train On Line With All Star Dressage Instruction

Monday, April 19, 2010
Posted by bossmare

Try Before You Buy! Check out the free mini clips of linked names to get a sample of DressageTraining On Line
Take a lesson at First Level with Jan Bemelmans (GER) The coach for the Spanish Dressage Teams and known as one of the world’s true masters. Catherine Haddad (USA) works at Third Level focusing on the importance of the bend and making up and down transitions and the flying changes crisp and energetic. Edward Gal (NED) finished the Third Level lesson with half pass work. If you’ve ever wondered what a great warm up routine might be, this is one to see, with Hilda Gurney taking you step by step through the process with a Grand Prix mare. Courtney King-Dye is with a rider who is on the horse for the first time; the focus is on just getting to know the horse, acceptance of the bridle and basic throughness and obedience.