Watch the Video - Make it Your New Year's Resolution - Wear Your Helmet

Thursday, January 5, 2012
Posted by Mary Phelps-Hathaway


Sabine Schut stars in this short message for riding safely.
Sabine Schut stars in this short message for riding safely.
We hope everyone has made it their New Year’s resolution to wear their helmet every time you ride. We have come a long way in rider safety, spearheaded by Courtney King-Dye and Lindsay White who began Riders4Helmets. Dressage Olympian Courtney has made her ongoing recovery from her near fatal riding accident almost 2 years ago into a movement now affecting the entire world. Now Isabelle Werth is competing in a helmet, and Dressage in Canada has issued a mandatory rule for all levels of Dressage. For a sport steeped in tradition riding helmets have become the new “look”. As the movement continues to grow, lives continue to be saved. Watch this video produced by Kristian Kery, whose wife Sabine Schut-Kery, the German born well known dressage rider and trainer from California performs in this beautifully produced message.Actress Alyena,
riders Sabine Schut -Kery and Kasey Ament.
Horses Marques: Black Andalusian Stallion, owned by Rhea Scott
Granito: Grey Andalusian Stallion, owned by Kathleen Kearney
Jumping horse: Leopold von Bayrn II owned by Adrianna Moore