Watch the Video - The 2009 Adequan/USDF Annual Symposium Featuring Jan Brink and More

Monday, March 22, 2010
Posted by bossmare


Join us as we bring to you Jan Brink, of Sweden, as he leads the symposium. A lineup of riders will take you through Jan's methodologies and training as it applies to each horse and rider pair. This is a fabulous training piece as the demo riders are focusing for the most part on basics. Most riders are riding at the national level, thus it applies to every riders needs. (thru 4th level/M Level). Five educational sessions on DresssageTrainingOnLine.com, filled with a plethora of knowledge for your use.


Key pieces you will find from the training sessions...

  • Jan asks the rider to use the lower leg to activate the horse and ask for more. HOW to ask for more.
  • How to improve the trot...from basic and normal to more bounce, more shoulder reach, more reaching under with the hind leg.
  • Contact is discussed at length...Jan shows the rider exactly what he wants the contact to feel like...
  • Flying changes...getting a clean change and what you need to change to achieve this.
  • How to begin training the half pass. Specific exercises given, to execute upon, to train the half pass.
  • Straightness, straightness, straightness...why its soo important and tips for how to achieve it.

But Wait There's More
Join us as we bring to you five educational sessions from the 2009 Adequan/USDF Annual Convention, filled with a plethora of knowledge for your use.

Fabulous Freestyles: Hot Tips from Top Sources,Featuring Terri Ciotti Gallo, Ann Gupthill, Sand Howard and Tigger Montague.Providing you hot tips enabling you to create a freestyle on your own or atleast get a big headstart saving you money once its brought to a professional designer.


Finding Emotional Balance - Featuring Jane Savoie
Jane uses lots of examples to engage you and involve you in your own discovery of what emotions and thoughts hold YOU back and how to break the circle of sameness.
Balanced Rider - Balanced Horse Featuring Dr. Hilary Clayton
Dr. Clayton gives you many details and visuals to help you fully understand how your horse naturally balance and how you can better influence to find that new balance once you add a rider to the picture.
Communication - A Two-Way System of Understanding featuring Jan Brink
Jan shares his methodologies of training and communicating, from how he raises his young horses to competition insights at the highest level.
Pyramid of Training - featuring Jane Savoie and Hilary Clayton
An absolute must see for the greener riders, packed with very hands on basic information we all need to know and use on a daily basis.
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