Warren-McMullin Dressage

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Posted by Betsy LaBelle


Bill Warren and Romantic Photo: Sharon Packer
Bill Warren and Romantic Photo: Sharon Packer
Bill Warren and Bill McMullin known as “The Bills” offer world-class instruction for all levels of dressage students and all horses. They take great pride in keeping a friendly, comfortable and professional atmosphere for their clients to learn and enjoy their horses. The Bills coach a full range of riders, from Juniors/Young Riders, Adult Amateurs to Professional Riders. Since 1998, Warren- McMullin Dressage has a strong dynamic from both Bill Warren and Bill McMullin. Bill Warren said, “We’ve spent a long time improving our business and right now, we have an amazing group of horses to be proud of. Three quarters of the stable are preparing for the Prix St George level and we are really pleased of that. We have a wonderful group of clients, so we are fortunate every day to be surrounded by such good people. Not all their clients compete; many really enjoy the day to day work and progress with their horse." It’s super important to both Bill Warren and Bill McMullin to see that each student strive in their partnership with their horse. "We want riders that are mounted on horses that they can manage and enjoy no matter if we are in the competition arena or not!"

Bill Warren

Bill Warren on Gerente Photo by Sharon Packer
Bill Warren on Gerente Photo by Sharon Packer
Now a FEI 3* Judge, Bill Warren climbs the ladder in judging international dressage, recently judging at the Palm Beach Derby. He continues to judge throughout the United States with his national USEF ‘S’ Judging status. A USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist, Bill educated many horses and students to the FEI levels including Grand Prix. His training comes from a classical approach that strengthens his teaching style with the rider and the horse. He coaches riders of all levels, as he continues as an avid competitor, judge, trainer, coach and clinician. He enjoys celebrating the achievements of his students from fruition of the hard work at home. Bill continues to provide clinics throughout the United States. He works on a consistent schedule with both Conrad Schumacher and George Williams to prepare his horses for competition throughout the year.


Bill McMullin

Bill McMullin on Leiden Photo by Sharon Packer
Bill McMullin on Leiden Photo by Sharon Packer
Bill McMullin (Bill Mac) is a driving force behind Warren-McMullin Dressage. A USEF ‘r’ judge working toward an upcoming ‘R’ program, a USDF Certified Instructor and Certification Faculty Member and USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist, Bill McMullin also trains with Conrad Schumacher and George Williams. His acute sense to detail in dressage and business keeps the rapid pace of riders, horses, and stable running smoothly. Bill Mac sets the schedule and manages the overall business. He also maintains a full clinic schedule throughout New England and New York several times a year. He has also taught clinics in South America where he was well received. A competition rider who also puts a tremendous effort into making sure each client develops an appropriate training program to achieve their goals, Bill works diligently daily to make sure all the client’s needs are met and goals achieved.


The Benefit of Two Trainers:

Bill McMullin and Don Felice
Bill McMullin and Don Felice
Warren and McMullin have a great benefit to clients because there are two trainers working closely together to provide instruction. They provide a consistent base for the work needed to help clients focus to reach and achieve their goals. Although judging and clinic commitments can keep one of them away from home, they make an effort to not both be away at the same time so the clients are never long without help from one of The Bills!

Together they run the business, Bill Warren in charge of calendar and travel arrangements for clinics and judging and Bill McMullin in charge of bookkeeping and accounting management. Additionally, long time student and manager, Courtney Fanara, keeps the barn organized and coordinates horse care, client relations and even show entries. It has been very gratifying to watch Courtney grow into the rider that she is today, competing her horse Brighella successfully at Prix St. Georges.

Bill McMullin said, "As Judges, our own continuing education is very important to us as well. Working through the judges’ ranks means continual programs and symposiums to advance and maintain our licenses."

Bill Warren shared, “Our training really is complemented by our judging experiences sitting at C so often. It really is beneficial, not only for our clients who want to show, but for everyone striving for harmony with their horse. It’s important to understand the dynamics behind the showing.”

The Bills work In-Hand
The Bills work In-Hand
Warren adds: “We believe that being strict in our basics leads to success in the show ring. A dressage test is proof of our work. When we ride on a daily basis without thinking about attention to detail, then putting a test together can be quite a disappointment. Having the advantage of wearing both hats helps us tremendously in our teaching. The attention to detail is not just put to the horse but also helping riders achieve the correct seat. Without this the correct application of the aiding system cannot work therefore creating difficulties in test riding. “

“It’s important that we support all the programs that the USDF, USEF and FEI provide. America has worked hard to start these programs and we are on the right path,” said Bill Warren.

Bill McMullin also works as one of the USDF Certified Instructor and Faculty. "Again, the continuing education aspect is so important here. The annual FEI education days, seminars and workshops that he attends, always bring renewed inspiration to his teaching and training," McMullin added.

Bill Warren said, “Every client is with us for their own reasons and we try to make the situation work for all. Everyone gets along, no one feels diminished because their goal may not be to compete. Their ambition is really important to us. It really is a great group”.

The Bills in a Pas de Deux at the Vermont Mozart Festival
The Bills in a Pas de Deux at the Vermont Mozart Festival
In keeping with our commitment to classical principles and developing a program that is in the best interest of the horse and rider, we host clinics and continue training with George Williams and Conrad Schumacher.

Conrad Schumacher – Both Bills have been studying with Conrad for 10 years, hosting clinics for the past 6 years. They work in conjunction with Nancy Later Lavoie and Stewart Underhill on several clinic arrangements with Mr. Schumacher. We host Conrad twice per year in Massachusetts, and during the Florida winter season for an extended period from the end of January through most of February.

George Williams – Both Bill Warren and Bill McMullin work also with George Williams during the winter season in Florida and host George in Massachusetts during the summer for additional training and clinics.

Purchase and Selling Consultation:

Both Bills love to help match clients with horses. They take pride in making sure the match works well for the client in order to succeed and thrive together. They occasionally travel to Europe to look for a client with great contacts they have built over the years. Buying and selling is a small but important part of their business.


In the 15 year history of Warren-McMullin Dressage they have not only produced several Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalists, but Regional Champions at every level from Training through Grand Prix. Bill Warren and Bill McMullin have a full range of clients who work with them during the winter season from students they consistently give clinics to, from around the country and Canada. They each travel monthly to Massachusetts during the winter season to maintain the continuity with the clients who stay North for the winter.

Summer Training Home

May 1 – Nov 30th – Drywater Farm , 1515 West St.,  Stoughton, MA  02072 (www.drywaterfarm.org)

Drywater Farm is a large year round facility about a half hour southwest of Boston. With GGT footing in a lovely outdoor dressage ring and a very large indoor, the horses receive consistent expert care under the watchful eye of the McNamara family who live on the premise.

Winter  Training Home 

Dec 1 – April 30 – Altersgait Farm,  White Fences, 3450 Hanover Circle,  Loxahatchee, FL  33470

Altersgait Farm, is a lush tropical paradise for both horses and riders. Owned and maintained by Melissa Richards and Chris Sander, The Bills have made it their winter training facility. Within easy hacking distance to many rated shows, and a short trailer ride to many more, it provides a conducive atmosphere for training and showing alike in the very horse friendly gated neighborhood of White Fences.