Warmbloods Today Magazine Launches in U.S.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Warmblood Publishing LLC is launching an exciting new magazine for people who love Warmbloods and other Sport Horse Breeds.  After being in publishing for 20 years in other industries, as well as competing in dressage for 18 years, President Liz Cornell realized that there was no breed-specific magazine encompassing all the Warmblood sport horse breeds.

“Just take a look at the other breed magazines in our country serving the Quarter Horses, Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Paints, Draft Horses, and more – they are wildly popular and successful.  Why not take some pride in the beautiful Warmblood horses?   These creatures are so popular now due to their lovely gaits, temperaments and athletic abilities for Dressage, Hunter, Jumpers, Eventing and Driving.   We need a magazine to boast about these beautiful horses and how much we love them.”

After conducting her research, Liz decided that the magazine should be entitled Warmbloods Today and that the editorial focus has to be different than what is offered by the internet and the other magazines out there.  Plus her new magazine has to appeal to amateurs, professionals and breeders alike.  With all the cross breeding, horse lovers are not necessarily married to a particular Warmblood breed anymore, especially with the recent popularity of the Iberian breeds and Friesians.  She also discovered that most people enjoy reading “human interest” stories.  Therefore Warmbloods Today will be featuring specific horses and their relationships with humans and what we have learned from and experienced with these animals.  Liz notes that “These types of stories are very heart-warming and enjoyable to read and are hard to find on the internet.”

Warmbloods Today will not be giving medical advice or training advice, and it will not be discipline specific since there’s already a myriad of resources covering those topics.   Liz also discovered that amateurs and professionals often have a very different outlook when it comes to buying, training or breeding their horses.  To improve communication amongst everyone, there will be a series of Point of View columns, where opinions, concerns and issues will be published, even if they are a bit controversial.  To encourage the readers’ participation, the magazine’s website WarmbloodsToday.com contains three areas for people to submit their own stories, letters and point of views for potential publication.

Warmbloods Today is sold via subscriptions and single copy sales from numerous English Tack Stores around the country.  It will begin as a bi-monthly magazine in four-color glossy format, and launches late February with the March/April 2009 edition.

For more information on Warmbloods Today magazine, please visit www.WarmbloodsToday.com, call 352-759-2300 or e-mail editor@warmbloodstoday.com.