Waldaire and Dana Fiore at The 2001 American Bankers/USDF Region Three Finals

Thursday, October 25, 2001
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Dana Fiore and her 12-year-old massive Hannoverian stallion Waldaire, (Waldgott/Aries), were second in the country in PSG and I-1 last year. This year they won the Intermediaire 1 Musical Freestyle (67.75). They also placed fourth with 60.375% in the Intermediaire 1 Championships.

Fiore said that she was lucky with her timing in the freestyle and that after she got the entrance right, everything else fell into place. "He had his ears up and was enjoying himself through the whole ride."

She says she picked "sexy music" because Waldaire is a stallion. The walk music is 'Love Potion Number Nine' and the canter is called 'Shocked' and is from John Tesh. It was composed by a musician who used to do freestyles on the side. "A friend picked the canter music while she was listening to a tape in the car," she said.

Descended from the W, D, A and G Hannoverian lines, Waldaire is a full time breeding stallion in addition to competing actively in dressage. She says that he is heavily built and was not approved by the American Hannoverian Society, but he is approved by the ISR and the Oldenburg Verband. She says that about half of the mares he is bred to are Thoroughbreds and the other half are Hannoverians.

Locate in Boynton Beach, FL Fiore says that being based in Florida makes it more difficult to publicize Waldaire as a breeding stallion. "I'm from Pittsburgh originally and up there you could easily get to about five states. Down here in Florida we're on this peninsula and it's not easy to get him out and show him off."

The stallion is schooling the Grand Prix movements and she hopes to move him up in the Spring after competing at I-2 this fall. "He loves to do one-tempis," she says. "Sometimes I can't stop him!"

By Amber Heintzberger For Dressagedaily.com

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