Volunteers Rewarded for Palm Tree CDE

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Mary Phelps and "The Gangsters" at the 2016 event. (Photo:

Learn about the fun and exciting sport of Combined Driving, where great people and a diverse selection of horse and ponies come together in the first Selection Trial for the US Horse Pairs and Pony Team Trials begin.

Dade City, a quaint town in Florida, and Little Everglades, a gorgeous farm and facility provide a unique spectator friendly version of the marathon where all obstacles are in view along a Steeplechase race course.

The Palm Tree CDE at Little Everglades will be happening beginning on January 26th. Volunteers are in short supply! Vacancies include score runner for Thursday, Dressage Warm-up Steward on Friday. Saturday has vacancies all over the place including the vet box, obstacles, and start of the walk section. And of course, we always need cones people on Sunday. (Vet box is critical and we have no one at this moment)

In exchange for giving up a day or maybe two, getting up in the middle of the night and driving to the middle of nowhere, spending all day in whatever whether nature provides - torrential down pours or blistering sun - you'll received a really cool T-Shirt designed just for the Palm Tree CDE!

How could anyone pass on this offer?

Seriously, they do need you. If you can give a day to the event please email francine at with your choice of job and your T-shirt size.