Vivian Yowan and Vornado van den Hoendrik Victorious in High Amateur-Owner/Junior Jumpers

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Vivian Yowan and Vornado van den Hoendrik win the High Amateur-Owner/Junior Jumpers at the Kentucky Spring Horse Show.
Vivian Yowan and Vornado van den Hoendrik win the High Amateur-Owner/Junior Jumpers at the Kentucky Spring Horse Show.

Lexington, KY - May 8, 2015 - For Lexington native Vivian Yowan, the winner's circle at the Kentucky Spring Horse Show is a familiar place. Today, the young talent returned to the Rolex Stadium with veteran mount Vornado van den Hoendrik, capturing the $1,500 High Amateur-Owner/Junior Jumper as the only double-clear combination of the class.

Twenty-eight contenders took their try at Richard Jeffery's High Amateur-Owner/Junior Jumper course. Only three would make it through to the jump-off, but as the trailblazer of the class, Yowan set the pace at 34.049 seconds with a faultless round., which would be good enough to take home the victory.

"I was actually the first one to go in to the jump-off, so I didn't know if anybody else would have a rail. I kind of just went for it, and obviously it paid off. I rode the jump-off like there would have been more double clears; it just kind of worked in my favor," Yowan said.
Where many of the riders saw the rails fall during the double and triple combinations, Yowan kept confidence in her 17-year-old mount, Vornado van den Hoendrik. During the jump-off, she caught the first jump and moved forward utilizing his large stride to cover the ground in seven strides instead of eight, which she had previously walked.

"He has a really big stride; that probably helped out because he's kind of a slower mover, but he has such a big stride that the jump-off is kind of where you catch the time, taking out a stride where you can," Yowan explained. "He's so scopey; this was nothing for him, but it was a good warm-up for the spring and summer series, as well as Devon and Young Riders."

Noel Fauntleroy of Manakin Sabot, Virginia, and her mount Cabras rode to the second place finish with four faults in 36.210 seconds. Canada's Veronica Bot and Calato's Charles scooped up third place with their conservative effort of 38.950 seconds and four faults.

 Scott Keach captured the $5,000 1.45m Open Jumper victory with Fedor at the Kentucky Spring Horse Show.
Scott Keach captured the $5,000 1.45m Open Jumper victory with Fedor at the Kentucky Spring Horse Show.

Earlier in the day, the $5,000 1.45m Open Jumper division took center stage in the Rolex Stadium. Thirty horse-and-rider combinations attempted the same course as the High Amateur-Owner/Junior Jumpers, and only one pair would clear the opening track to score the victory-native Australian Scott Keach and Fedor.

"It's a schooling class for next week for me, and I just put him in there to jump the water a couple times before the Grand Prix next week," Keach said. "I assumed there would be quite a few that would go okay, so it's a bit of a surprise that I was the only clear. I think that the combinations, for some of the greener horses, was just enough to get some out."

Second place was awarded to Juan Andres Rodriguez and Bugatti for their careful first round effort. The pair only earned two time faults, but it was enough room for Keach to take the victory.

Keach said, "I've had Fedor for two years, and he's a 10-year-old Belgian, and he's actually quite straightforward. He's come a long way in his first year. We'll see what happens. He's got some big classes this summer, and it's a bit of an open book, but we'll see how it goes. At the moment I think he's ready to go."

Keach has made Kentucky his summer home, returning for his third consecutive year. Now, with Tryon only five hours down the road, Lexington makes the perfect pit stop on his summer tour. The addition of the FEI competition to the spring shows has opened new doors for many of the riders, Keach admitted.

"It's good isn't it?" Keach smiled. "It's crazy! I think with Tryon down the road, it adds a lot more ground to the area. I think that's helped contribute to all these horses being here, I really do. Most of the people are going to Tryon, which is great because it means this show is winning as well, which I hope it does. I hope in the long term this show continues to do well, and both of shows complement one another."
The jumper action at the Kentucky Spring Horse Show will continue tomorrow with the $85,000 Mary Rena Murphy Grand Prix CSI2*, set to start at 6:30 p.m. in the Rolex Stadium. The $25,000 Bluegrass Classic and the $25,000 Under 25 Grand Prix will wrap up the first week of the Kentucky Spring Horse Show on Sunday.
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Class : 480   JR/A-O JUMPER HIGH 1.40m II 2b                                                             
Pl  Nbr  Horse  Rider  First Round Faults  Time   Jump Off Faults  Time
1   1035VORNADO VAN DEN VIVIAN YOWAN   76.468   34.049
2   801 CABRAS  NOEL FAUNTLEROY  76.425   4  36.210
3   624 CALATO'S CHARLESVERONICA BOT  78.287  4  38.950
4   211 ZIDANTE  KELLI CRUCIOTTI  4  73.250                   
5   413 CAYA   ALI WOLFF   4   74.616                   
6   911 CATOLINA MB  TARA CORR   4  74.783                   
7   872 ATHENE Z   VIGGO BJORKLUND  4  75.236                   
8   551 WINDOCTRO  KATE MORRISON  4  75.699                   
9   808 BALLOON JX   LIAM DUMONT-WALKER   4  76.728                   
10  85  AMI DU HOUSSOIT ALEXA LOWE-WISEMAN    4  8.421                   
11  1311CYRANEYKI  JUAN PABLO GENEKO   4   79.131                   
12  798 GANJANA 2  NOEL FAUNTLEROY   5   80.006

Class : 438   OPEN JUMPER 1.45m II 2b
Pl  Nbr  Horse  Rider  First Round Faults  Time   Jump Off Faults  Time
1   1002 FEDOR  SCOTT KEACH   78.982  4  35.752
2   916  BUGATTI   JUAN ANDRES RODRIGUEZ   2 81.990                   
3   136  G AND C CLOSE UPLUIFER LARRAZABAL  4  72.432                   
4   113  TOPAZE BLUE  ABIGAIL MCARDLE  4  73.937                   
5   126  HARRIRI  ABIGAIL MCARDLE   4  75.891                   
6   308  BEST WISHES  BRIAN WALKER  4  76.084                   
7   935  CYKLON 1083  SHANE SWEETNAM  4  76.142                   
8   962  FARINA  ROBERTO TERAN   4  76.419                   
9   933  BELUGA  SHANE SWEETNAM  4  76.519                   
10  26   WANNICK WH  CHRISTINE MCCREA   4  76.795                   
11  836  BONZINI S  AARON VALE 4  77.220