Visser Family Moves To UK

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Posted by dressagedirect

Former owners of world champion [#23702 override="Moorlands Totilas" title="Moorlands Totilas"] Kees and Tosca Visser are planning to move to the UK at the end of this summer. Kees Visser owns Moorlands Investments and his worldwide business easily can be done from the UK as well. Tosca Visser is a Grand Prix-rider herself. She expresses that with Moorlands Totilas full time in the centre of attention, they have had a wonderful life from which she has enjoyed any minute. “But now it’s time to pick up our own life again, especially for our 16 year old son and our daughter, becoming 18. A further education in the UK will be very helpful for them and my daughter and me will be able to enjoy our own dressage competition sport more ‘laid back in the shade’ than has been possible in The Netherlands the last two years.”

Moorland Stables will leave some horses with Edward Gal and move some to the UK. “Distances are small and I’ll fly to Gal’s stables to see him and my horses each month easily”, Tosca says. Moorland Stables partners in WDM from the early start of the innovative show concept.

Kees and Tosca Visser and Edward Gal at the EC 2009 in Windsor, UK. Now the Visser family is planning to move from the continent to the UK Picture library Claartje van Andel dressagedire